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where was i . . . May 13, 2014

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I cannot believe it has been almost 2 months since my last post.  (Hangs head in shame.)

All I can say is, life happens.  Let’s see if I can do some catching up.  I am so behind on my weekly challenges.  I will catch up, even if it means I will need to do 3 in one week. 🙂

Little guy is doing well.  We had his 15 month check up back at the beginning of April and he is doing well!  He was 33 inches long and 26lbs 10oz.  He was in the 98th percentile for height and 90th percentile for weight.  Poor guy got 2 shots, one in each leg, but 2 nurses came in and they did them at the same time so he did not have to get stuck and then stuck again.  I was glad about that.  He did cry but as soon as I picked him up he was ok.  Such a brave boy.  We go back for his 18 month check in July.

He is walking now and really starting to babble.  He is such a happy guy, but does get fussy now and then like most toddlers do.  We were still having sleep issues and talked to the doctor and he suggested that we do cry it out in the middle of the night.  He had started waking up 2-3 times at night and it was getting really tough for me to get up with him and nurse him back to sleep.  So that evening we did CIO when he woke up around midnight and he cried for almost an hour (I cried a little too) but then he slept great.  The next 2 nights he woke up and cried for just about 5 minutes.  Now he sleeps through the night from about 7:30-8pm to around 7:30am.  It is so great!

We just started transitioning him to one nap from 2.  He had been doing 2 naps really well, but then he started not doing the afternoon nap or doing really short naps, so about 10 days ago I just started with the one nap a bit after lunch.  It varies from 1 to 1.5 hours.  My goal is to get him to take at least a 2 hour nap so I can have some time to get some things done around the house.  We will see if he cooperates.  The other day he only did 30 minutes, so we are still working on it.

All in all things are going well.  With him being more mobile he is taking more of my time now, which is ok with me!  He also plays well by himself for a bit so I can get some things done here and there.

I also finally got around (in April) to heading out the library to sign myself up for a library card so I can sign up for the story time they have for babies.  But wouldn’t you know it the program was in its last week!  It starts up again in June.   I think he will enjoy that.


My little felt ornament side business is doing well.  That has also kept me away from here for a bit catching up on special orders.  I have so many ideas for ornaments in my head that I need a solid week to just make the patterns and the ornaments so I can list them in my shop (but that won’t happen).  I was able to get a couple of patterns made and now I just need to find some time to make the ornaments to post.    If you haven’t checked it out, please stop by:


Well, that is about all I have for today.  Gonna try to get back to my weekly challenge.   I actually have 2 that I did, but have not had time to post about yet.  Look for those to come.


Thanks for reading!



2014 pinterest challenge – week 10 March 16, 2014

This week we head back to my new Etsy shop.  Again, I don’t have a specific Pinterest Pin to refer to, but this was a challenge along the lines of Week 8 and coming up with an ornament that would appeal to a larger audience.

We have a Goldendoodle named Buddy, as you know.  I am a member of a Facebook group of Goldendoodle owners.  We all got our doodles from the same breeder and this gave me an idea.  I designed an ornament based on Buddy and added it to my Etsy shop with options for different colors and personalization.  It has been a week since I did this and it is by far my best seller!  I have enjoyed creating these ornaments and personalizing so much!  It gets a little challenging at times finding times to work on them around taking care of little guy and keeping up with the house, but I absolutely LOVE it!  I think this will continue to be a best seller for me and definitely as we approach Christmas I see this really taking off!

Here is the listing:

Please stop by and check it out!  I also had 3 of my other ornaments sell, so in addition to the doodles, I need to make more of the regular ornaments!  What fun!!!  I am really enjoying having this little business and can’t wait to see how it grows!

Thanks for reading!


2014 pinterest challenge – week 9

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I know I am late in posting this but here goes.

So I decided upon this Pin – Crock-pot Chicken Corn Chowder

I made it the way I was supposed to and upon tasting it, all I could taste was the cream corn.  I was so disappointed.  I thought I would try to add more flavor so I put some chicken bullion in it and thought it was ok then, still not great.  I put it away to try the next day and WHOA was it salty!  Too salty!  What the heck happened?  I honestly could not eat it.  It was horrible.

I took no pictures and unfortunately we did not end up eating it.

It was bound to happen.  Not all of them will be winners and this one was not!

Back to the drawing board, I mean Pinterest board.

Thanks for reading.


2014 pinterest challenge – week 8 February 28, 2014

Ok, this one is going to be a little different.  There is not a specific challenge that I am doing, but it is more of an idea that has been percolating for several weeks and this week finally came to fruition.  I have alluded to this in one or two of my previous posts.  I have perused many a Pinterest post and have seen a lot of handmade items.  I have ALWAYS wanted to make handmade Christmas ornaments but could never decide what I wanted to do.

Well a few weeks back it hit me!  My Mom made these wooden ornaments back in the 1960s (from a kit) and they have been a fixture on our Christmas tree since then.  The tree doesn’t seen decorated without them.  So once night as I was trying to fall asleep my mind came to those ornaments and I realized I could recreate them with felt!  Felt is pretty easy to work with and you can do so much with it!  You have no idea how excited I was to realize this idea!  It has evolved a bit from there.

I started piecing things together (no pun intended) and came up with the materials and started working on the patterns for the ornaments and then I came up with a name for my Etsy shop!  I signed up and got the name registered to me and then started making the ornaments.  Oh how much fun I have had creating them!  My goal was to get 8 completed and then open my shop.  This week I did it!  Monday to be exact!

So that is my challenge for this week.  I am still working on creating more ornaments, but at least I have the shop open!

You are probably thinking it is the end of February, why is she posting about Christmas ornaments?  Well, it is never too early right?  Ok maybe it is.  But I wanted to be able to get a head start on this and get my name out there!   Here is one of the ornaments.

round star 4

So please stop by and have a look at my items.  Each one is hand cut and handmade.  I can also do special orders!  and here is my Facebook page as well.  Please stop by and “Like” it if you like what you see.

I am so excited about this and excited to come up with more unique designs.  And then eventually I want to expand to other holidays as well.

Thanks for reading!


2014 pinterest challenge – week 7 February 17, 2014

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We are currently being snowed-in and so I decided to make this recipe for lunch.  Crispy Cheddar Chicken   I had actually planned to make this last week but never got around to it.

This is such an easy recipe.  I had a package of 3 chicken breasts (I always use Perdue – my favorite).  I cut them each into 3 semi-equal pieces.  I got my bowls of milk, cheddar cheese (I used a package that was already shredded) and then the crackers.  I actually had a small container of mini ritz-like crackers on hand and used them.  Dipped all pieces in the milk, cheese and then ground crackers and put them in the 9×13 baking pan and baked according to the directions.

While that was baking I made the sauce.  I had gotten 2- 10 ounce can’s of the cream of chicken soup (I did not see a 14 ounce can.  So when I put both of them in the sauce pan I added a little more butter and a little more sour cream to make up for the extra soup I used.

This was soooo good!  Hubby loved it and so did I!  Definitely a keeper!!!  I added a side of canned peas to round off the lunch and ended up using more of the sauce on the chicken.


Thanks for reading!


2014 pinterest challenge – week 6 February 15, 2014

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I decided to do my Pinterest challenge for this week to coincide with Valentine’s Day.  Hubby had to work, so I actually put this together on Valentine’s Day and gave it to him this morning.

Here is the original pin for a fruit bouquet.

I was actually going to buy one from the major company that makes them.  Hubby prefers no strawberries because of the seeds and when I called, they didn’t really have anything without strawberries.  They suggested a box of cut up, chocolate covered fruit such as apples or pineapples.  Although the lady on the phone told me she wasn’t sure if they would have pineapple for Valentine’s, even though Valentine’s was only 3 days away!  Anyway, I asked what the price of the box was and she said $52.  WHAT???  She said that was the small, which I find hard to believe unless that particular local shop only had that size.  Anyway, I decided that it was just CRAZY to spend $52 on basically a couple of cut up capples!  So I thought I could do something myself and turned to Pinterest.

I did get hubby a fruit bouquet from this location for Father’s Day last year.  It was his first Father’s Day and I had a 6 month old and was in no position to try to make something like this.  So I actually saved the vase and the insert.  All I needed was the fruit and some skewers and I also picked up a set of the flower cookie cutters.

I chose Pineapple, Cantaloupe and grapes.  Here is my progress and the finished product.  It is kind of on the small side, compared to the picture in the pin, but I still think it turned out really well and hubby liked it!

I cut out 3 sizes of the flowers and one heart shape.  The metal flower cookie cutters worked better in the pineapple.  The heart shape is plastic and was a little tougher to get through.


I used my crinkle cutter for the cantaloupe, just like the major chain does.  However for the balls, I had to use a cookie scoop for the large ones and since I don’t have a melon baller, I used my measuring spoon for the smaller one.  Worked ok, considering.


I opted to cut out the core from the pineapple and put the large balls in the center for the flower.


One step I did not do is to put something to cover over the insert in the vase.  I don’t think it looks too bad the way it is.  For a first try I am quite pleased!  And all told I probably spent about $5 for the fruit that was used in the arrangement.  In total I spent less than $15 and we have half the cantaloupe left over and a ton of grapes.


Thanks for reading!


2014 pinterest challenge – week 5 February 7, 2014

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I know I am late in posting this.  But here it is!

This one I found via my cousin who posted it on Facebook.  Here is the pin for the Gluten Free Cheez-Its.  We are not a Gluten free household so rather than head to the store and get gluten-free flour, I used all-purpose flour.  So you can make it either way.  I also used salted butter rather than unsalted as my cousin said she would do that next time to give it a bit more flavor.

They were pretty easy to make.  And I had these cute little cookie cutouts so I used the heart-shaped ones since we are getting close to Valentine’s Day.  The recipe also says to roll the dough out to about 1/8th of an inch.  Well, I have a nice rolling-pin with attachable ends to roll to specific thicknesses but I did not have 1/8.  I did have 1/6th.  I think that this is the reason I had to bake them a little longer to get them to be crunchy.  I had 3 cookie sheets full and the 3rd sheet turned out the best.  I tries to bake the other ones longer, but they just did not get that crunchiness of the 3rd one.  We will still eat them, but they would be better with a little crunch!

The little bit of cayenne pepper adds just a hint of a kick.  Not really spicy at all, but you can tell it has a little something to it. Overall it was fun to make these and I might do it again in the future.  I would for sure bake them longer.  Here they are!

002Thanks for reading!