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I am still here! September 6, 2014

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My absence has been a prime example of just how busy life can get and how fast time moves.  Where did the time go?

Let’s see if I can do some catching up.

As I mentioned in the last post, little guy has been walking full steam and just loves playing.  He has also taken to helping with our dog Buddy.  He helps us get him out of his crate in the morning.  Feeds him.  Yes he actually takes the little cup of food, carries it to his bowl and dumps it in and then returns the cup to the dog food container.  So cute!  And now he likes to tag along when we take Buddy out in the morning.  This usually turns into us walking all around the block.  The kid LOVES to walk!

His sleep is great too!  Last time we has just started doing CIO overnight and now he goes down and within about 20 minutes is asleep with no fussing.  Some mornings he is up around 6:30 which is a little tough on us, but we can let him stay in his room for a bit and he will just babble and not fuss.

And he has really taken to the one nap after lunch.  He naps on average of 1 1/2 hours.  Sometimes I can get 2 out him which of course helps me get more stuff around the house done, but even the 1 1/2 is pretty good.  For naps he is usually out in 10 minutes once I put him in his crib.

I am still technically breastfeeding, but I have him down to once a day only in the morning for about 10 minutes.  I am trying to wean him slowly down.  Yesterday he was done after 5 minutes, but today it was back to 10.  On the one hand I will miss it when it is done completely, but on the other, it has been nice to have the freedom to wear regular bras again!  LOL

We also started going to Gymboree once a week.  He really enjoys that!  The first couple of times he pretty much only played with the balls.  But now he will climb on everything and has started to participate more.  It is so fun to watch him and I might add, quite a workout for us!

With fall arriving I am really looking forward to taking him to the pumpkin patch.  We took him last year, but I think he will certainly get more out of it this year as he enjoys everything around him.

He sure has been keeping us busy.  But such a joy and we just love that little guy so much!!!


Another time consumer has been my little ornament business.  I have added some ornaments since my last post.  I have added a couple of more dogs (as a result of a special order), a cat, a cardinal, and more recently football helmets for some of the professional teams.  I have been having so much fun with this and 3 days ago I posted a reminder in one of the Facebook groups in which I am a member and got 10 more orders for the Goldendoodle ornament.  I am loving this!  Again, I have so many ideas in my head, but they will probably have to wait until after Christmas at this rate.  I also signed up for some ad space in a digital Holiday Guide that will come out October 1.  So we will see what happens with that.  If you haven’t checked it out lately, please stop by!


So there you have the update.  I know it doesn’t seem like too much, but with the little guy, the ornaments, and just taking care of the house, etc., the days seem to fly by.  I will try to stay in touch more.  Thank you for sticking around!

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2014 pinterest challenge – week 10 March 16, 2014

This week we head back to my new Etsy shop.  Again, I don’t have a specific Pinterest Pin to refer to, but this was a challenge along the lines of Week 8 and coming up with an ornament that would appeal to a larger audience.

We have a Goldendoodle named Buddy, as you know.  I am a member of a Facebook group of Goldendoodle owners.  We all got our doodles from the same breeder and this gave me an idea.  I designed an ornament based on Buddy and added it to my Etsy shop with options for different colors and personalization.  It has been a week since I did this and it is by far my best seller!  I have enjoyed creating these ornaments and personalizing so much!  It gets a little challenging at times finding times to work on them around taking care of little guy and keeping up with the house, but I absolutely LOVE it!  I think this will continue to be a best seller for me and definitely as we approach Christmas I see this really taking off!

Here is the listing:

Please stop by and check it out!  I also had 3 of my other ornaments sell, so in addition to the doodles, I need to make more of the regular ornaments!  What fun!!!  I am really enjoying having this little business and can’t wait to see how it grows!

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a post for a friend . . . April 20, 2012

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I tried to think of a way to approach this and well, I have decided to just put it out there.

I have a very dear friend who I met because we share the same breeder of our wonderful Goldendoodles.  I have yet to meet her face to face but have had many a wonderful conversation with her and I consider her to be a very dear friend.  We have a Facebook group for those who got dogs from the same breeder and we held a fundraiser last fall (selling calendars) to raise money to help her get to Denver for treatment that she desperately needed.
Please don’t think this is some sort of scam.  She posts comments somewhat regularly on here and I just want to try to do what I can to help her.  So thanks for indulging me.
We are once again holding a fundraiser through our Goldendoodle owners group to help our precious friend, Jennifer, who has Cystic Fibrosis.  Her journey has certainly been a rough one, yet one that has inspired us all.  She is an amazing woman of pure, abundant faith and love.  Our calendar fundraiser last year earned enough money to help send her to National Jewish Hospital in Denver (the leading pulmonary hospital in the entire country) – but her scheduled 2 weeks there has turned into over a month due to unexpected complications, etc.
The blessing is that they discovered a hole in her heart – which she recently had corrective surgery for – but she now is plagued by high fevers and they cannot seem to find the source of the infection – and her expenses have been rising each and every day.  So while she asks only for our prayers, we have put together a new fundraiser to help her with all the additional and extensive costs associated with this extended visit and medical care.  While I know that this won’t be of any interest to you unless you have a Goldendoodle – you may know someone who does!  And if so, PLEASE pass this along.  For a simple donation of $6.50 you will receive this wonderful  4” x 6” car magnet!
Please let me know if you or anyone you know is interested email me at and I can get you the information of where to send an email to place your order.  Our breeder is handling all of the ordering!  We are also accepting simple donations if you are so inclined.  Thank you so much – and more than anything PLEASE keep our dear friend Jennifer in your prayers.
Thanks for reading!