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2014 pinterest challenge – week 8 February 28, 2014

Ok, this one is going to be a little different.  There is not a specific challenge that I am doing, but it is more of an idea that has been percolating for several weeks and this week finally came to fruition.  I have alluded to this in one or two of my previous posts.  I have perused many a Pinterest post and have seen a lot of handmade items.  I have ALWAYS wanted to make handmade Christmas ornaments but could never decide what I wanted to do.

Well a few weeks back it hit me!  My Mom made these wooden ornaments back in the 1960s (from a kit) and they have been a fixture on our Christmas tree since then.  The tree doesn’t seen decorated without them.  So once night as I was trying to fall asleep my mind came to those ornaments and I realized I could recreate them with felt!  Felt is pretty easy to work with and you can do so much with it!  You have no idea how excited I was to realize this idea!  It has evolved a bit from there.

I started piecing things together (no pun intended) and came up with the materials and started working on the patterns for the ornaments and then I came up with a name for my Etsy shop!  I signed up and got the name registered to me and then started making the ornaments.  Oh how much fun I have had creating them!  My goal was to get 8 completed and then open my shop.  This week I did it!  Monday to be exact!

So that is my challenge for this week.  I am still working on creating more ornaments, but at least I have the shop open!

You are probably thinking it is the end of February, why is she posting about Christmas ornaments?  Well, it is never too early right?  Ok maybe it is.  But I wanted to be able to get a head start on this and get my name out there!   Here is one of the ornaments.

round star 4

So please stop by and have a look at my items.  Each one is hand cut and handmade.  I can also do special orders!  and here is my Facebook page as well.  Please stop by and “Like” it if you like what you see.

I am so excited about this and excited to come up with more unique designs.  And then eventually I want to expand to other holidays as well.

Thanks for reading!