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throwback thursday . . . December 12, 2013

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OK, I have missed posting about a lot of things.  Sorry dear readers.  It has been quite busy around here.  We traveled to St. Louis for Thanksgiving 049and when we got back Hubby’s busiest time started.  He works every single day this month (December) except for the 7th, 24th, 25th and 26th.  I try my best to help in any way I can, doing a few more of the errands, making some phone calls for him and not to mention I have been planning our little guys FIRST birthday party!!!! Here is the invitation I sent out.  I thought this was appropriate since he was born on the 1st day of Winter. 🙂1st birthday vista print front blog

Not to mention I have been cleaning and planning Christmas.  I need to do some baking and ordering of some food, etc.  I really do love this time of year.  It got me thinking about this time last year.  How I really had no idea our little guy would be making his entrance last year at all.  Feeling like I still had time to prepare for Christmas and to pack my hospital bag, etc.  What a joke!  LOL  But everything worked out!

Here is one of the last ultrasounds I had for the throwback portion of this post done a year ago yesterday.  12-11-12

It is just so crazy to think that our little guy will be one!  We came so far and went through so much and he is here and he is thriving!  He is such a joy and people tell me where ever I go how happy he is and he truly is!  He is such a wonderful little boy and brings us such joy.    He smiles at everyone and one lady even told me that she was having a bad day and seeing his smile just made it all better!  What more can I say.

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10 months & throwback thursday . . . October 24, 2013

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Our little guy turned 10 months on Monday. He was 1 ounce shy of 21 pounds and is 30 inches long.  He pulls himself up with ease now and if you hold his hands he can walk around.  He loves playing in his room (playpen) by himself but when he has enough he will let you know.  Also with the pulling up in the crib he has started to suck, chew on the railing, so I ordered a railing cover and should get that today!  He is such a sweet boy and every where I take him everyone just thinks he is the cutest and sweetest as he smiles at everyone! 🙂


Since my last post, things have continued to be a little hectic.  Still computer issues, hubby got the wrong check from a client on Saturday, we had to fix our bed on Monday (nothing exciting broke it  lol) and hubby got an oil change Monday morning that turned out to be almost disastrous.  It turned out the oil filter was warped causing his engine and our garage floor and driveway to get soaked with oil.  Jiffy Lube corrected the problem and also cleaned up the mess.  Now hubby has a cold and Lil’ guy’s sleeping seems to be getting worse.  This brings me to my Throwback Thursday post.

I have been feeling run down much like I felt when our little guy was not sleeping well at all, before we did the cry it out method of sleep training.  Last night, for example, he was up at 2am, 4:30am, 5:45am, 6:30am and then 7:30am.  I gave him Tylenol at bedtime and then again at 4:30 hoping it would help, but not so much.    Here is the Lil’ guy at 2 months, asleep in my lap after nursing.  On Tuesday this week I tried to get him to nap for an hour and nothing, so I went to get him and held him in my arms and he promptly fell asleep for 40 minutes.  I sure hope it starts to get better.  UGH! 004

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throwback thursday . . . September 26, 2013

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Since I missed Wordless Wednesday, I will cover that and today’s post with one photo.  This is a photo of me on my 1st birthday with a photo of lil guy to show a little comparison. 🙂

me & pete

It is also appropriate because lil guy started crawling yesterday.  He took a few movements forward (what do you call them, they aren’t steps right?) in his play area and also in his crib when I put him down for a nap.  We also got a few out of him today.  He will probably start to move a lot in the next few days!  Oh boy!

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throwback thursday . . .technology September 19, 2013

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So last week I posted about the Commodore 64 and got to thinking it might be fun to talk about other technological items that I have used during my lifetime.  Growing up my Mom had a rotary phone.  I remember it seemed like it would take forever to dial a phone number.   Not so bad if there were low numbers but if there were 7’s, 8’s and 9’s geez!  Waiting for that dial to get back around!  LOL  My Mom had this one in her bedroom (she actually rented it from the phone company – and when she decided to upgrade her phones I remember she had to take it back to one of the stores because she did not own it – how funny is that?).  I would go in there to talk to some of my friends after school, because I could sit on her bed.

Other wise I had to use this one hanging on the kitchen wall.  Or we also had one of these in the basement.  You couldn’t walk very far because of the cord.  Boy was I happy when we finally got cordless phones!  🙂

WORKING- White Rotary Wall Phone

It seems like everywhere you go now everyone is on a cell phone.  What did we do before cell phones?  We actually paid attention to our surroundings when we drove our cars.  We talked to the person sitting across from us at the dinner table instead of keeping our head down in our phone.  We actually talked on the regular phones to people instead of texting.  Well, when I started graduate school, all they offered were evening classes.  So for safety I got a car phone.  Yes a car phone, not a cell phone.  This is what it looked like.  It plugged into my cigarette outlet (yes back in those days there was a cigarette lighter in most cars, not the power outlet it is today).  It was in a bag and not portable.  It stayed in the car.  So if I needed it while I was walking to my car, too bad.  It served it’s purpose.  Today I have a cell phone.  I still do not have a smart phone.  Although I am sure the time is coming soon.  I usually tell people I have a dumb phone.  I don’t really use it to text either.  Once in a while I might send hubby and “I love you” text, but we don’t have texting in our plan, so honestly I don’t even do that too much.  It amazes me how much people text.  Like I said before, what did we do before cell phones?  We survived!  But how?  What is so important that has to posted on your Facebook page the moment you show up at the mall.  I find it humorous sometimes to see people “check in” at various places during the day.  Frankly I don’t want people to know where I am all the time.  I don’t even talk about when we go on vacation.  I think just because I don’t want someone to find out we aren’t at home.  Probably because growing up our house was broken into a couple of times and I don’t want to give anyone a heads up that the house is empty and ripe for the picking.  But that is just me.  To each their own. 🙂

Does anyone remember Colecovision from the early 80s? It was a game console.  I don’t think it was very popular, but we had one.  My brother and I saved up our allowance (my brother also had a part-time job) to buy one with our own money.  It was $100 and my brother chipped in $75 and I chipped in $25.  That was all I could afford.  It was so fun to play.  My favorite game was Q-bert!  Ahhh . . . the memories.  ON a side note – I remember the 1st time I saw the name “Donkey Kong.”  I was in the car with my mom and we drove by a bowling alley and on the marquee it said “we now have Donkey Kong.”  I remember it vividly and thought to myself, “what a weird name.  I wonder what that is.”  LOL

lQ*bert - Colecovision Cover & Box Art

Here is one that goes back to grade school – late 70s, early 80s.  Who remembers the mimeograph?  Our teachers would give us handouts (tests, etc) and immediately we would smell them.  They had this smell to them that was intoxicating for some reason.  Weird I know.  They would also feel slightly damp from just coming off the presses.

Mimeograph Machine! Can you smell the ink? Sometimes they would still be damp when given to us!

When I started middle school and we had to start doing papers, I actually used the old-fashioned typewriter.  Something I wonder if my son will ever use in his lifetime.  Probably not.  But I typed many a paper on one.  And you had better hope you didn’t make a mistake or you had to try to use correction tape.  White out was used sometimes, but if you were impatient and didn’t let it dry all the time, you had a real mess.

Then when I was in high school we had a computer and I was able to type my papers on that.  I used Word Perfect and honestly I can’t remember if there was even spell check at the time.  But when I went top print the papers we used our dot-matrix printer.  Remember those?  The paper had edges that had holes in them so that the paper would feed into the printer.  It was all attached together and when you were finished you got to tear the sides off and separate each piece of paper.  It was a real mess if the paper didn’t feed right.  The edge would tear off and then you would have to tear off a sheet or two of the paper and try to feed it again.  I am sure I wasted a tree or two in my time. 😦

Pictures of  Epson LX-800 Dot Matrix Printer

Along those lines was the fax machine.  Remember the rolls of thermal paper that you used for faxes?  The fax would come out and the paper would just roll up.  I didn’t get too many of those faxes, but I was glad when they came out with better fax machines that use regular paper.

And finally music.  I am sure most people remember record albums.  They have actually started making a comeback.  I remember growing up and every Christmas we would get all of the Christmas records out and play them.  That is some of my fondest memories.

An Old Record-player Stock Photos - Image: 3433023

Then of course we had 8-track tapes.  My Mom had one in her 1982 Chevy Cavalier.  She gave me the car my senior year of highschool (1989-90) and at that time I did not have any 8-track tapes.  So I was able to get an adapter to listen to my regular cassette tapes.   Now of course there are CDs and most recently digital downloads.

Photo of Retro vintage Sparkomatic 8-track cassette tape adaptor #2

Wow, it is really something to look back at how far technology has come over the course of the last 30 or so years.  What are we going to see in the next 30 years?  Stay tuned. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

P.S.  Sorry for the formatting of the pictures.  Not sure why it looks the way it does.


thowback thursday . . . September 12, 2013

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So I have been horrible about keeping up with this blog this week.  I really was hoping to be back to some of my regular postings, but no such luck.  Want to know why?  Computer issues!  AAAAARRRRRGGGGGG!!!!!  And not just mine.  My hubby’s computer decided to act up too!  It never fails.  You are under a time crunch to get something done and BLAM!  Your computer decides to go on a lunch break.  Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) followed by about 10 reboots just to get it working again.  All this while one of hubby’s clients was waiting on an email from him.  I have been getting the BSOD for quite some time now.  It almost always happens right after I turn my computer on in the morning before I even touch it.  And usually right when I am in the middle of an email or a project I am working on or yes, even Candy Crush Saga (a girl needs a little mental break now and then).

In addition to the computer issues, we have anxiously been waiting on a project and we come to find out that said project has been sitting on someone’s desk for almost a month.  Apparently the guy is now working part-time and the person who is taking over his duties hasn’t gone through the pile of paperwork.  So after calling her, hubby is told that yes the package did arrive (the tracking number showed it had gotten there on August 13th) and it will now be started (FINALLY) and hopefully ship back to us on September 19th.  We will see if THAT happens!

It has been a heck of a week and I also got my period!  The day after my last post about it.  Did I jinx myself?  LOL

I know this is “throwback thursday” so on that note I will leave you with this photo.  Did anyone have one of these?  My brother did and I would say this is what got him interested in computers (yes he works with computers for a living).

In case you don’t know, this is a Commodore 64 computer.  It came out in 1982.  Sure is a lot different from the computers of today!  Who remembers floppy disks?  5 1/2 inch and 3 1/2 inch?  Crazy!  Maybe I will post again about all of the technology changes I have experienced over the years.  That might be fun.

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throwback thursday . . . August 29, 2013

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I was watching Good Morning America today and during their 8 o’clock hour they had “Throwback Thursday.”  So they pulled up the old logo and talked about the show from way back and each of the hosts showed photos of themselves from many years ago.

I thought this was a neat idea.  I recently borrowed some photos from my mom of me when I was little.  I wanted to do some comparison between me and Lil’ Pete.  I was able to scan some of the photos and thought it would be fun to do a little throwback myself.

Maybe I will make this one of my regular posts (if I can keep up with them).  I can see posting old photos, products I remember from when I was growing up.  hmmmm . . . the wheels are turning.  Until then, hope you enjoy this photo of me circa 1973.  I was just over 2 years old and it was Christmas morning.  I am holding a mirror to my face and a brush that came with it. Those are my older brothers in the background.  Not sure what I could see that close, but it is one of my favorites.  🙂


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