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lil’ guy update . . . March 3, 2014

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I realize that I haven’t updated about our little guy this year.  I have been focused on so many things.  I need to get back to having some periodic updates as he was the reason for this blog to begin with.

On Feb 21, he turned 14 months old!  He is doing great!  He is 32 inches long and just over 25 pounds!  He is not walking yet, but I do think it will be soon.  He can get up and will walk if you hold his hand or he holds on to something.  But he knows he can get from point A to point B faster by crawling and boy does he crawl fast!  I try to temp him with the ball (that he LOVES) by holding it up high so he as to be standing and then I try to get him to walk towards me, but he either grabs onto something or squats and then crawls.  He will get there in his own time and I am not worried.  We will see the doctor just after he turns 15 months and if he isn’t walking by then we will be able to talk with him about it.

He is such a great eater too!  He pretty much eats whatever I give him.  We visited my parents last week and my Mom mashed up an avocado.  I had given him one a few months back and he seems to like it, but not this time.  He did have a little struggle with some of the squashes.  But I put just a teeny tiny bit of butter on them and he ate them right up.  He now gets 3 bottles of cow’s milk everyday.  I do have to warm it.  If it isn’t warm enough he ends up not drinking it and playing with the tip of the sippy bottle.  I am still breastfeeding.  I know he probably isn’t getting a lot from me but as long as he still wants it I will give it.  I stopped pumping a week ago.  I was manually pumping twice each night about 1.5 hours apart and maybe getting 1 to 1.5 ounces each night, if I was lucky.  So every 5-7 days I would have enough for one bottle.  This just didn’t seem worth it and it really became a chore that I just really didn’t like doing.  If I was busy working on one of my ornaments I would even forget sometimes and then have to pump late.  Let me tell you I don’t miss that.  I do still love being able to breastfeed and I do like that he still wants to do it.  He doesn’t’ really bite me but he does sometimes “pop” off quickly while still “holding” on and that is a little painful.  I made it past my first goal of 6 months and past my 2nd goal of 1 year.  The rest is icing. 🙂

He is becoming pretty vocal although he isn’t saying any words yet.  I will tell him to say something when he is eating, (ie. “Can you say Green Bean?”) while holding the fork with the green beans in front of him and he will vocalize something.  So I think he is learning about conversations and how one person talks and the other answers.  It did kind of sound like he repeated apple to me at lunch today.  At least that is what I am telling myself. 🙂

Sleeping is so so.  He has about a week that he was getting up 2-4 times a night.  Although the last 2 nights it has only been once.  We are trying the cry it out because we know he can go all night.  I hate hearing him cry, but I know he is ok.

That is basically it for the updates.  He is such a joy and I cannot say enough how much I love that little man!  He is so great at giving kisses.  Although he still does it a lot with his mouth open.  I ask him for kisses and he comes in like he is going to bite me.  He has 8 teeth now, by the way.  During our little bedtime routine after we say prayers, I tell him a few things and he gives me like 4-5 kisses in a row all by himself!  I just love that!


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1 year checkup . . . January 11, 2014

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Little guy had his year checkup on Monday (January 6).  They weighed him (23lbs 13.5 ozs) and measured him 32.25 inches long.  His height is in the 98th percentile!  I was just reading the other day that most babies triple in weight and grow by 50% in their first year, that would put him at 21lbs 3oz and 30 inches.  So he has exceeded that!  🙂

He got his finger pricked to test his hemoglobin to see if he was anemic and the test was perfect, not anemic.  The nurse was so afraid that was going to hurt him and the little guy did not even flinch.  But when it came to the shots, that was a different story.  Thankfully he didn’t cry too long.  That is truly the worst part!

He has 5 teeth.  Bottom 2, top front 2 and the next one is on the left next to the front teeth.   Doctor also told us we could now start him on whole milk.  So we finally got some milk Wednesday (after the polar vortex moved on) and he drank it right up!  On Thursday he didn’t seem as interested so I mixed 4 ounces  of formula and then added 4 ounces of milk to that and that worked.  Same for that evening.  But then Friday I gave him straight milk warmed a bit more than I had before and he took it just fine.  I am glad he likes the milk and we will give him that until he is 2 then we can switch to skim, which is what we drink.

I am still breastfeeding.  Not sure how much he gets from me.  I know he gets a good amount when he wakes early in the morning (around 4-5am) and then again around 8am.  But the rest of the day I am not sure.   I am not sure how much longer I am going to breastfeed.  I know initially I told myself at least 6 months, then I said a year.  But it has been a year and here we still go.  I have thought about reading up on how to wean him, but to be honest the thought of us not having that relationship anymore, does make me a little sad.  I will probably start reading up on it and work on weaning him off in the afternoon and evening. I also pump at night before I go to bed, but I haven’t been getting much at all, maybe an ounce (I typically save that up and give him a bottle at lunch when I have enough).  But sometimes it feels like a chore at night, when all I want to do is relax.  So that will probably end soon.   And then eventually I am hoping to stop the early morning feed, just in the hopes that he sleeps longer (even though he does go back to sleep after that).  Maybe ending breastfeeding by 18 months.  If he wants to stop before that then that is ok too.  There have been a few times before that when the bottle of formula was in his sight he wanted that over me.  So maybe we are headed down that path.

Those truly are special moments that I will always treasure and giving that up will be bittersweet.

Thanks for reading.

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birthday party and christmas . . . December 27, 2013

This has been a crazy week, but now we can relax and settle into the new year.  (Well, hubby still has some big gigs but come January 1, he can relax too.)

We had a really good time at little guy’s birthday party on the 21st.  In addition to our little family, my parents and about 15 other friends were in attendance.  This was the 1st really big party that I have thrown since having our little guy and it was so much fun.  Although I am sure those around me the day or 2 before did not think that.  🙂  I did get a bit crazy but it all worked out.  I did almost forget to put the olive penguins out, but they made it to the table and they were a hit!   I kept the food simple.  We had small ham sandwiches, a veggie tray, chips and dip, crackers and cheese, the olive penguins, pasta salad and cupcakes for dessert.  I also made sugar cookies as a favor for everyone to take home.  Here is a photo.

They were snowflake cookies and I iced designs on all 46 of them!  🙂

Little guy didn’t seem all too interested in his cupcake.  (I opted for a cupcake instead of his own smash cake.)  He poked at it with his finger.  I actually put a little icing on my finger and he ate it and did that a few more times.  I also gave him a couple of pieces of cake to try and that was enough.  I guess he figured he liked being fed.  After a few bites of the super sweet goodness he had enough.  He would wrinkle up his face.  That was his first taste of something sweet (outside of fruit), so he wasn’t super crazy about digging in.  That was ok with me and hubby.  I did give him a taste of two of one of the small butter cookies I made for Christmas and he seemed to like that as well.


Christmas Eve I decided to start a tradition of a Christmas Eve Box.  In the box would go a pair of pajamas that my Mom bought (she has always bought the grandkids pajamas for Christmas Eve/Christmas, an ornament (I decided last year to buy little guy a Hallmark Keepsake ornament every year so that when he went out on his own he would have some for his tree and they would have special meaning/memory for him.  This year I got a picture frame ornament that had “My 1st birthday” on it.  It was perfect.  And lastly the book “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.”  In the years to come I will probably add a little snack like hot cocoa or something like that.  Then we will open the Christmas Eve box and celebrate before going to bed.   Here he is checking out what is inside.  🙂


On Christmas morning, he did ok with opening presents.  I actually opened most of them with his help.  He really loved everything he got but really loved this white bear that had lights, moved and played music.  He would dance around when the music played and also try to give him kisses.  092c

All in all it was a great week with a lot of activities and a lot of being thankful for the blessings we have with this little guy, all of our family and our friends.  Thanks for letting me share with you, dear readers and I am already thinking about next year and what new and exciting topics to talk about in this blog.  I have an idea and am pretty excited about it.   It is a challenge of sorts and something I think is doable, I just want to go about it the right way so I don’t get bored or put too much stress on myself. 🙂  Stay tuned . . .

In the meantime, I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and will have a wonderful New Year.  Thanks again for sticking with me and my blog.   I appreciate it and look forward to sharing more in the new year!

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throwback thursday . . . December 12, 2013

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OK, I have missed posting about a lot of things.  Sorry dear readers.  It has been quite busy around here.  We traveled to St. Louis for Thanksgiving 049and when we got back Hubby’s busiest time started.  He works every single day this month (December) except for the 7th, 24th, 25th and 26th.  I try my best to help in any way I can, doing a few more of the errands, making some phone calls for him and not to mention I have been planning our little guys FIRST birthday party!!!! Here is the invitation I sent out.  I thought this was appropriate since he was born on the 1st day of Winter. 🙂1st birthday vista print front blog

Not to mention I have been cleaning and planning Christmas.  I need to do some baking and ordering of some food, etc.  I really do love this time of year.  It got me thinking about this time last year.  How I really had no idea our little guy would be making his entrance last year at all.  Feeling like I still had time to prepare for Christmas and to pack my hospital bag, etc.  What a joke!  LOL  But everything worked out!

Here is one of the last ultrasounds I had for the throwback portion of this post done a year ago yesterday.  12-11-12

It is just so crazy to think that our little guy will be one!  We came so far and went through so much and he is here and he is thriving!  He is such a joy and people tell me where ever I go how happy he is and he truly is!  He is such a wonderful little boy and brings us such joy.    He smiles at everyone and one lady even told me that she was having a bad day and seeing his smile just made it all better!  What more can I say.

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11 months, etc . . . November 23, 2013

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Thursday marked our little guy’s 11th month.  He is getting more and more of a personality and I love it!  He smiles at EVERYONE!!!  I love that!  I have had so many people comment on how good of a boy he is and I must say he really is.  008
(This photo was not easy to get.  All he wants to do when we put him down is roll over and start to crawl!)  🙂

Now don’t think he doesn’t fuss and cry, he does.  But it doesn’t seem like he does it a lot.  He fusses if hubby or I leave the room, but only for a few seconds.  Or he will cry when we put him down for his nap or at bedtime, but it isn’t long.  He has started to be a bit more fussy the last few days, but his upper teeth look like they are about to bust through the gum, so I am sure it is teething pain.  He is just such a joy and I love him so much!

It has been a week of celebration.  Hubby and I celebrated our 5-year anniversary on the 15th, and my birthday was the 18th, the big 4 – 2.  🙂  Hubby always spoils me.  ♥

So sorry I haven’t posted much the past few weeks; life is happening and it is happening fast.  Last week I got most of the outdoor Christmas lights up and the last couple of days I have decorated inside.  I know it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, but I like to have everything done so that after Thanksgiving I can flip a switch and I am ready for Christmas, at least the decor.  Just a few more lights to put up outside and a couple more items inside.

More importantly I am going to start gathering things for little guy’s birthday!  Less than a month to go!  I still can’t believe how fast the time has gone!  I got the invitations out in the mail yesterday.  Since he was born the 1st day of Winter we are doing a “Winter ONE-derland” theme.  I am so excited!  I got him a special onesie to wear and will be purchasing the decorations either next week or the week after.   I have a couple of cute food ideas I found online and will post those later.  Words cannot truly express how excited I am!  The years it took us to get pregnant and to be reaching this milestone truly leave me speechless and very weepy.  Of course that could also be the PMS I feel like I am experiencing at the moment.

Try as I might, I probably won’t be posting much more until after Thanksgiving.  Once we are done with that, I should have more time.  Thanks for sticking around, I do appreciate it!

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happy halloween . . . October 31, 2013

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Happy Halloween everyone!  I did not buy a costume for our little guy as we were staying in and had no parties to attend.  But Grandma got him this shirt and bib.

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10 months & throwback thursday . . . October 24, 2013

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Our little guy turned 10 months on Monday. He was 1 ounce shy of 21 pounds and is 30 inches long.  He pulls himself up with ease now and if you hold his hands he can walk around.  He loves playing in his room (playpen) by himself but when he has enough he will let you know.  Also with the pulling up in the crib he has started to suck, chew on the railing, so I ordered a railing cover and should get that today!  He is such a sweet boy and every where I take him everyone just thinks he is the cutest and sweetest as he smiles at everyone! 🙂


Since my last post, things have continued to be a little hectic.  Still computer issues, hubby got the wrong check from a client on Saturday, we had to fix our bed on Monday (nothing exciting broke it  lol) and hubby got an oil change Monday morning that turned out to be almost disastrous.  It turned out the oil filter was warped causing his engine and our garage floor and driveway to get soaked with oil.  Jiffy Lube corrected the problem and also cleaned up the mess.  Now hubby has a cold and Lil’ guy’s sleeping seems to be getting worse.  This brings me to my Throwback Thursday post.

I have been feeling run down much like I felt when our little guy was not sleeping well at all, before we did the cry it out method of sleep training.  Last night, for example, he was up at 2am, 4:30am, 5:45am, 6:30am and then 7:30am.  I gave him Tylenol at bedtime and then again at 4:30 hoping it would help, but not so much.    Here is the Lil’ guy at 2 months, asleep in my lap after nursing.  On Tuesday this week I tried to get him to nap for an hour and nothing, so I went to get him and held him in my arms and he promptly fell asleep for 40 minutes.  I sure hope it starts to get better.  UGH! 004

Thanks for reading.