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weeks 6 & 7 . . . a loss is a loss April 2, 2017

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That is something I need to remind myself.  Weight loss is not easy, if it were, we would all be at our ideal weight, right?  And of course, we did not put the weight on overnight, although I would wager some of us feel that way from time to time after a day of indulging.

So to catch you up:  At the end of Week 6, I was down 1.6 pounds and hubby was down .4

At the end of week 7, I was down only an additional .2 pounds and hubby was back at it with another 4.2!  Total weight lost for me is 18.4 lbs and hubby is at 30.4lbs lost!

I started to get bummed that I had only lost .2 pounds.  Like I said, a loss is a loss.  I knew that I would not consistently lose over 2 pounds per week, but it was still hard to see.  I had a suspicion because I have felt like I had been retaining water all week long.

Hubby has been so supportive and encouraging.  If I was doing this alone, I probably would have gone out and gotten some major junk food to drown my sorrows.  And of course, would have felt so guilty today.  But I didn’t and we are back at it.

We all took a nice walk yesterday and I started some of my Spring cleaning today.

One more week and we will be starting our 3rd month of Nutrisystem.  Overall, I am quite happy with my progress and excited to see what the next month brings.  Less weight, I hope!  🙂

It is important to note, it is more than just about losing weight.  I am getting healthier, I am making better choices, and I am trying to make good changes in all aspects of my life.

Thanks for reading!



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