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week 3 . . . my bear . . . March 5, 2017

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Another week down and this was a tough one for me.  I was on my period for most of the week so I pretty much felt bloated all week and I fought a lot of cravings!  I won though.

As you will recall last week I posted about making it to the 10 pound weight loss and ordering my Nutribear.  It finally came.  Hubby and  I got our next month’s shipment and we each had a 10 pound bear.  Well, the bear is not 10 pounds, but it signifies a 10 pound weight loss.


It really is a motivator.  Hubby gave his to our son to play with but I am keeping mine and will be adding to it hopefully at the end (or before) of this next month.

So yesterdays weigh-in has me down another 2 pounds to a total of 11.4 lost!!!  (Last Saturday was technically 9.4 you remember and I reached 10 on Sunday).

Hubby was down 3 for a total of 17.4!  WOO HOO!!

I also started adding exercise,  outside of the typical chase after a 4 year old and go up and down our stairs everyday.  I started back to my Leslie Sansone Walk DVDs.  I have a variety of them as I like to do different workouts each day and it felt really good.

So we started our week 4 yesterday and 1 week from today we are going to treat ourselves to a steak dinner.  Hubby and I agreed to do that after 1 month and I tell you I am looking forward to it!  I looked at the nutrition information already (Longhorn Steakhouse) and I will be ordering things a little different this time.  Not going to stress too much but I will skip the butter and use my butter spray on my sweet potato, I may get the house ranch dressing and use it sparingly and I will definitely NOT get the parmesan crust added to my steak.  The calories in that is MORE than the steak itself!  YIKES!!!  It will still be yummy and I can’t wait!

As you can tell, I still think about food.  The Nutrisystem food is good and I have gone though this first month and been able to try several things and really figure out what I like and don’t like but there are days I miss some really good french fries or Domino’s pizza.

I did order an AirFryer and hopefully will get that tomorrow.  I am looking forward to trying some recipes in this.  I have a bag of sweet potato fries that I can cook in there and will try some zucchini.  I may also try some chicken wings for a flex meal.  I also want to make a pizza with a cauliflower crust.  I am getting excited to try new dishes because we will not be on Nutrisystem forever and I want to be prepared.  🙂

Thanks for reading!


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