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life . . . February 10, 2017

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What can I say, sometimes life gets in the way of plans.  I had every intention of keeping up with this blog, but if you are still out there you obviously know I haven’t.

Let’s see of I can update you. I think the last time I updated you on our little miracle, he was not yet 2.  Well, our guy turned 4 before Christmas.  Four!  He is in his second year of school.  We started him 2 days a week before he turned 3 and this year he is up to 3 days a week.  He loves it and is thriving.  He loves his letters and numbers and loves telling us what time it is. All. The. Time.  He LOVES Curious George and takes him everywhere we go.  He loves to run around and kick the ball. Just your typical 4 year old and we could not be happier.

Well, I guess that is not entirely true.  This is one reason why I am picking this blog back up again.  I am struggling with something that a lot of people struggle with. Weight.  I would love to say it is baby weight, but I don’t think you would buy that. 🙂  I had managed to lose most of the baby weight a couple of years ago, but life happens and I put some back on.

So tomorrow I start a new journey. One that I have started many a time these past few years.  A journey I have yet to complete.

Tomorrow I start this journey with more of an open mind and open heart than I have had during my other attempts.  I am excited and optimistic.  I love running around with my son and am tired of feeling tired. I am ready to make this happen.

I have signed up for Nutrisystem.  I have always believed that if I wanted something I could do it myself.  I did not need something like this.  I would just eat healthy and exercise. Well, that didn’t seem to work out too well.  So I bit the bullet and did it.

Tomorrow I start the 1st week.  This is called the Turbo Takeoff week.  I am not looking too forward to this week. I did not get to pick the food and you don’t get to eat as much as you would normally be eating starting in week 2.  So getting through this week will be a big hurdle, but like I said I am excited overall.  And to make things even better, hubby signed up with me.  YAY!!  It is going to be so much easier doing this with him.  I am grateful to have the love and support of him on this journey and to be able to support him as well.

So, I decided to get back to blogging to help me be accountable.  Accountable to myself and also to you dear readers, if you are still out there.  I am going to blog every week to keep track of my progress.

My goal is to lose 40 pounds.  I am not going to talk about how much I weigh.  It doesn’t really matter what the number is.  A 40 pound weight loss will get me to where I want to be.  And who knows, maybe I will even lose more.  What matters is the goal.  It is out there now and I will let you know next Friday (unless I am too tired to type because of lack of food) how I did. 🙂  I will write about the good and the bad.  Hopefully more good than bad.

So thanks for sticking with me to those of you who are still there.

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer:  I have not received anything from Nutrisystem for this blog. I have paid for the program and am blogging for me.


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  1. Peter Says:

    YOU GO, GIRL! 🙂

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