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lil’ guy update . . . March 3, 2014

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I realize that I haven’t updated about our little guy this year.  I have been focused on so many things.  I need to get back to having some periodic updates as he was the reason for this blog to begin with.

On Feb 21, he turned 14 months old!  He is doing great!  He is 32 inches long and just over 25 pounds!  He is not walking yet, but I do think it will be soon.  He can get up and will walk if you hold his hand or he holds on to something.  But he knows he can get from point A to point B faster by crawling and boy does he crawl fast!  I try to temp him with the ball (that he LOVES) by holding it up high so he as to be standing and then I try to get him to walk towards me, but he either grabs onto something or squats and then crawls.  He will get there in his own time and I am not worried.  We will see the doctor just after he turns 15 months and if he isn’t walking by then we will be able to talk with him about it.

He is such a great eater too!  He pretty much eats whatever I give him.  We visited my parents last week and my Mom mashed up an avocado.  I had given him one a few months back and he seems to like it, but not this time.  He did have a little struggle with some of the squashes.  But I put just a teeny tiny bit of butter on them and he ate them right up.  He now gets 3 bottles of cow’s milk everyday.  I do have to warm it.  If it isn’t warm enough he ends up not drinking it and playing with the tip of the sippy bottle.  I am still breastfeeding.  I know he probably isn’t getting a lot from me but as long as he still wants it I will give it.  I stopped pumping a week ago.  I was manually pumping twice each night about 1.5 hours apart and maybe getting 1 to 1.5 ounces each night, if I was lucky.  So every 5-7 days I would have enough for one bottle.  This just didn’t seem worth it and it really became a chore that I just really didn’t like doing.  If I was busy working on one of my ornaments I would even forget sometimes and then have to pump late.  Let me tell you I don’t miss that.  I do still love being able to breastfeed and I do like that he still wants to do it.  He doesn’t’ really bite me but he does sometimes “pop” off quickly while still “holding” on and that is a little painful.  I made it past my first goal of 6 months and past my 2nd goal of 1 year.  The rest is icing. 🙂

He is becoming pretty vocal although he isn’t saying any words yet.  I will tell him to say something when he is eating, (ie. “Can you say Green Bean?”) while holding the fork with the green beans in front of him and he will vocalize something.  So I think he is learning about conversations and how one person talks and the other answers.  It did kind of sound like he repeated apple to me at lunch today.  At least that is what I am telling myself. 🙂

Sleeping is so so.  He has about a week that he was getting up 2-4 times a night.  Although the last 2 nights it has only been once.  We are trying the cry it out because we know he can go all night.  I hate hearing him cry, but I know he is ok.

That is basically it for the updates.  He is such a joy and I cannot say enough how much I love that little man!  He is so great at giving kisses.  Although he still does it a lot with his mouth open.  I ask him for kisses and he comes in like he is going to bite me.  He has 8 teeth now, by the way.  During our little bedtime routine after we say prayers, I tell him a few things and he gives me like 4-5 kisses in a row all by himself!  I just love that!


Thanks for reading!


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