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2014 pinterest challenge – week 6 February 15, 2014

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I decided to do my Pinterest challenge for this week to coincide with Valentine’s Day.  Hubby had to work, so I actually put this together on Valentine’s Day and gave it to him this morning.

Here is the original pin for a fruit bouquet.

I was actually going to buy one from the major company that makes them.  Hubby prefers no strawberries because of the seeds and when I called, they didn’t really have anything without strawberries.  They suggested a box of cut up, chocolate covered fruit such as apples or pineapples.  Although the lady on the phone told me she wasn’t sure if they would have pineapple for Valentine’s, even though Valentine’s was only 3 days away!  Anyway, I asked what the price of the box was and she said $52.  WHAT???  She said that was the small, which I find hard to believe unless that particular local shop only had that size.  Anyway, I decided that it was just CRAZY to spend $52 on basically a couple of cut up capples!  So I thought I could do something myself and turned to Pinterest.

I did get hubby a fruit bouquet from this location for Father’s Day last year.  It was his first Father’s Day and I had a 6 month old and was in no position to try to make something like this.  So I actually saved the vase and the insert.  All I needed was the fruit and some skewers and I also picked up a set of the flower cookie cutters.

I chose Pineapple, Cantaloupe and grapes.  Here is my progress and the finished product.  It is kind of on the small side, compared to the picture in the pin, but I still think it turned out really well and hubby liked it!

I cut out 3 sizes of the flowers and one heart shape.  The metal flower cookie cutters worked better in the pineapple.  The heart shape is plastic and was a little tougher to get through.


I used my crinkle cutter for the cantaloupe, just like the major chain does.  However for the balls, I had to use a cookie scoop for the large ones and since I don’t have a melon baller, I used my measuring spoon for the smaller one.  Worked ok, considering.


I opted to cut out the core from the pineapple and put the large balls in the center for the flower.


One step I did not do is to put something to cover over the insert in the vase.  I don’t think it looks too bad the way it is.  For a first try I am quite pleased!  And all told I probably spent about $5 for the fruit that was used in the arrangement.  In total I spent less than $15 and we have half the cantaloupe left over and a ton of grapes.


Thanks for reading!


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