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2014 pinterest challenge – week 5 February 7, 2014

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I know I am late in posting this.  But here it is!

This one I found via my cousin who posted it on Facebook.  Here is the pin for the Gluten Free Cheez-Its.  We are not a Gluten free household so rather than head to the store and get gluten-free flour, I used all-purpose flour.  So you can make it either way.  I also used salted butter rather than unsalted as my cousin said she would do that next time to give it a bit more flavor.

They were pretty easy to make.  And I had these cute little cookie cutouts so I used the heart-shaped ones since we are getting close to Valentine’s Day.  The recipe also says to roll the dough out to about 1/8th of an inch.  Well, I have a nice rolling-pin with attachable ends to roll to specific thicknesses but I did not have 1/8.  I did have 1/6th.  I think that this is the reason I had to bake them a little longer to get them to be crunchy.  I had 3 cookie sheets full and the 3rd sheet turned out the best.  I tries to bake the other ones longer, but they just did not get that crunchiness of the 3rd one.  We will still eat them, but they would be better with a little crunch!

The little bit of cayenne pepper adds just a hint of a kick.  Not really spicy at all, but you can tell it has a little something to it. Overall it was fun to make these and I might do it again in the future.  I would for sure bake them longer.  Here they are!

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