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2014 pinterest challenge – week 4 January 26, 2014

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This week and the Pinterest Challenge got away from me a little bit.  Little guy was not sleeping that great so we all didn’t sleep that great, so motivation was a little hard to locate and I was also working on another project.  But I did manage to fit a project in this morning.

I am sure a lot of us had a drawer or cabinet with Tupperware (or similar) bowls that are thrown together with the lids in a big ol’ mess.  Here is mine:


Ok, so it isn’t that bad.  But I know I must have some extra lids and some things I have never used.  Also the lids even though they look sort of straight, are all over the place.  You can’t tell but I have lids in the back that are underneath some of the containers.

Anyway, I have wanted to come up with some sort of storage system for the lids so that when I pull one out, 3 more don’t fall on the floor.  I saw this on Pinterest.  Refer to number 29 for the idea of taking a CD holder to use for the lids.  Now I did not have the type of CD holder that they show in the picture.  But I had a similar CD holder that I wasn’t using for CDs.  I actually had some miscellaneous items in it that really wasn’t working.  So I emptied the drawer and matched up the lids I had with the bowels/containers I used and here is a picture of what was leftover.  The small containers I have NEVER used for any food items, so I may try to re-purpose them for the project I have been working on this week (will discuss later).  And I had all these extra lids.  Who knew?


So I added my CD holder and lined up the containers so that they fit together and added the lids and voila!

006Two of the lids did not fit well, so I put the large one under the large container and the other one is right outside the lid container.  Not a huge difference visually, but organizationally a big change.

Thanks for reading!


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