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question for my readers . . . January 17, 2014

Filed under: Misc Stuff — nowandevermore @ 12:15 PM

I am doing a little research and need your help.

For those of you who shop on, what products or items do you typically buy or what would you be interested in buying?

Are there any type of products you haven’t seen but would love to see on Etsy?

I appreciate your help!

Thanks for reading!


2 Responses to “question for my readers . . .”

  1. L squared Says:

    I have bought jewelry and purse/bags as gifts from etsy because there is such an assortment of unique home made stuff. I also bought our custom crib bedding, storage bags and wall decals for the nursery on etsy.
    I also bought custom party decor for my sisters baby shower.
    I have a handful of friends that have bought custom wedding invites, place cards and other wedding accesories.

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