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2014 pinterest challenge – week 2 January 12, 2014

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So I decided to tackle one of the kitchen cabinets.  Here is the original pin that inspired me.  I really liked the idea of hanging the measuring cups on the door.  Whenever I needed one I usually had to pull all of them out and then search for the one I needed.  Now this would make things easier and also give me more room on the shelf.

This is a cabinet I store my baking supplies in, as well as a few other items.  Here is the before:


In the pin, it shows a cork board attached to the inside of the cabinet.  I really didn’t want to do this (seemed a bit too fancy for what the cabinet was) so I came up with another idea.  I used Command hooks.  The hooks were just a tad bit wide for one of the measuring cup sets ( 1/8, 2/3, 3/4 & 1 1/2).  They had a different handle.  So thanks to hubby for suggesting I trim the hook.  What I actually did was use one of my heavy duty nail files and “sand” off the edges a bit.  Then the hole in the handle fit perfectly.    Here they are ready for the cups:


I chose to stagger them so the cups fit better since the door isn’t that wide.


After that, I went through everything in the cabinet and got rid of outdated things, rearranged and voila!  A much more organized space!


Thanks for reading!

P.S.  Project is not quite finished.  I failed to realize that if you open the door quickly the cups make quite the racket.  So I am going to have to fix this somehow.  Mind still thinking about it.  Will let you know what I end up doing.


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