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1 year checkup . . . January 11, 2014

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Little guy had his year checkup on Monday (January 6).  They weighed him (23lbs 13.5 ozs) and measured him 32.25 inches long.  His height is in the 98th percentile!  I was just reading the other day that most babies triple in weight and grow by 50% in their first year, that would put him at 21lbs 3oz and 30 inches.  So he has exceeded that!  🙂

He got his finger pricked to test his hemoglobin to see if he was anemic and the test was perfect, not anemic.  The nurse was so afraid that was going to hurt him and the little guy did not even flinch.  But when it came to the shots, that was a different story.  Thankfully he didn’t cry too long.  That is truly the worst part!

He has 5 teeth.  Bottom 2, top front 2 and the next one is on the left next to the front teeth.   Doctor also told us we could now start him on whole milk.  So we finally got some milk Wednesday (after the polar vortex moved on) and he drank it right up!  On Thursday he didn’t seem as interested so I mixed 4 ounces  of formula and then added 4 ounces of milk to that and that worked.  Same for that evening.  But then Friday I gave him straight milk warmed a bit more than I had before and he took it just fine.  I am glad he likes the milk and we will give him that until he is 2 then we can switch to skim, which is what we drink.

I am still breastfeeding.  Not sure how much he gets from me.  I know he gets a good amount when he wakes early in the morning (around 4-5am) and then again around 8am.  But the rest of the day I am not sure.   I am not sure how much longer I am going to breastfeed.  I know initially I told myself at least 6 months, then I said a year.  But it has been a year and here we still go.  I have thought about reading up on how to wean him, but to be honest the thought of us not having that relationship anymore, does make me a little sad.  I will probably start reading up on it and work on weaning him off in the afternoon and evening. I also pump at night before I go to bed, but I haven’t been getting much at all, maybe an ounce (I typically save that up and give him a bottle at lunch when I have enough).  But sometimes it feels like a chore at night, when all I want to do is relax.  So that will probably end soon.   And then eventually I am hoping to stop the early morning feed, just in the hopes that he sleeps longer (even though he does go back to sleep after that).  Maybe ending breastfeeding by 18 months.  If he wants to stop before that then that is ok too.  There have been a few times before that when the bottle of formula was in his sight he wanted that over me.  So maybe we are headed down that path.

Those truly are special moments that I will always treasure and giving that up will be bittersweet.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks for reading!


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