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11 months, etc . . . November 23, 2013

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Thursday marked our little guy’s 11th month.  He is getting more and more of a personality and I love it!  He smiles at EVERYONE!!!  I love that!  I have had so many people comment on how good of a boy he is and I must say he really is.  008
(This photo was not easy to get.  All he wants to do when we put him down is roll over and start to crawl!)  🙂

Now don’t think he doesn’t fuss and cry, he does.  But it doesn’t seem like he does it a lot.  He fusses if hubby or I leave the room, but only for a few seconds.  Or he will cry when we put him down for his nap or at bedtime, but it isn’t long.  He has started to be a bit more fussy the last few days, but his upper teeth look like they are about to bust through the gum, so I am sure it is teething pain.  He is just such a joy and I love him so much!

It has been a week of celebration.  Hubby and I celebrated our 5-year anniversary on the 15th, and my birthday was the 18th, the big 4 – 2.  🙂  Hubby always spoils me.  ♥

So sorry I haven’t posted much the past few weeks; life is happening and it is happening fast.  Last week I got most of the outdoor Christmas lights up and the last couple of days I have decorated inside.  I know it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, but I like to have everything done so that after Thanksgiving I can flip a switch and I am ready for Christmas, at least the decor.  Just a few more lights to put up outside and a couple more items inside.

More importantly I am going to start gathering things for little guy’s birthday!  Less than a month to go!  I still can’t believe how fast the time has gone!  I got the invitations out in the mail yesterday.  Since he was born the 1st day of Winter we are doing a “Winter ONE-derland” theme.  I am so excited!  I got him a special onesie to wear and will be purchasing the decorations either next week or the week after.   I have a couple of cute food ideas I found online and will post those later.  Words cannot truly express how excited I am!  The years it took us to get pregnant and to be reaching this milestone truly leave me speechless and very weepy.  Of course that could also be the PMS I feel like I am experiencing at the moment.

Try as I might, I probably won’t be posting much more until after Thanksgiving.  Once we are done with that, I should have more time.  Thanks for sticking around, I do appreciate it!

Thanks for reading!


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