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thowback thursday . . . September 12, 2013

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So I have been horrible about keeping up with this blog this week.  I really was hoping to be back to some of my regular postings, but no such luck.  Want to know why?  Computer issues!  AAAAARRRRRGGGGGG!!!!!  And not just mine.  My hubby’s computer decided to act up too!  It never fails.  You are under a time crunch to get something done and BLAM!  Your computer decides to go on a lunch break.  Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) followed by about 10 reboots just to get it working again.  All this while one of hubby’s clients was waiting on an email from him.  I have been getting the BSOD for quite some time now.  It almost always happens right after I turn my computer on in the morning before I even touch it.  And usually right when I am in the middle of an email or a project I am working on or yes, even Candy Crush Saga (a girl needs a little mental break now and then).

In addition to the computer issues, we have anxiously been waiting on a project and we come to find out that said project has been sitting on someone’s desk for almost a month.  Apparently the guy is now working part-time and the person who is taking over his duties hasn’t gone through the pile of paperwork.  So after calling her, hubby is told that yes the package did arrive (the tracking number showed it had gotten there on August 13th) and it will now be started (FINALLY) and hopefully ship back to us on September 19th.  We will see if THAT happens!

It has been a heck of a week and I also got my period!  The day after my last post about it.  Did I jinx myself?  LOL

I know this is “throwback thursday” so on that note I will leave you with this photo.  Did anyone have one of these?  My brother did and I would say this is what got him interested in computers (yes he works with computers for a living).

In case you don’t know, this is a Commodore 64 computer.  It came out in 1982.  Sure is a lot different from the computers of today!  Who remembers floppy disks?  5 1/2 inch and 3 1/2 inch?  Crazy!  Maybe I will post again about all of the technology changes I have experienced over the years.  That might be fun.

Thanks for reading!


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