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labor day, etc. . . September 8, 2013

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Sorry for the absence, but we took a little trip to see my parents for Labor Day.  We drove down on Monday and came back Thursday afternoon and the last few days I have been pretty tired and also hubby has had some late night gigs, so I just haven’t felt much like writing.  I also think I may be getting my period again!  I hate the fact that I get it while I am breastfeeding and that it makes my supply tank each time and the fact that I never know when it is coming any more.  So far my cycles have been 24 days, 32 days, 35 days and 24 days.  Today is Day 26 and nothing yet, but I can feel it coming.  UGH!  As silly as it may seem, each month now, I think about when I might be ovulating which would equate to my fertile time and I can’t help but wonder if we would ever get that surprise pregnancy.  I would say based on my history and age the odds are probably less than .1%, but it doesn’t prevent me from at least thinking about it.  Hubby and I haven’t talked much about a second child.  But I certainly have not shut the door on the possibility.  We have both said that if by some miracle it happens without any medical intervention it would most certainly be a blessing, but as far as trying with the help of doctor’s, we haven’t discussed this in detail.  I am not quite ready for that as I feel I am still recovering and trying to get myself back into shape.  Who knows what next year will hold though.  🙂


Our trip went well.  We got there late afternoon on Monday.  My Mom had made BBQ pork steaks; a Labor Day tradition and they were yummy!  On Tuesday we went to the Zoo.  It was a nice day and little guy’s first trip.  Well, technically his second trip.  His first trip was 3 days after he was transferred into my uterus.  LOL!  He was still a bit too young to really have a lot of fun, but he did enjoy looking around at the new sites.  Of course wouldn’t you know, we park the car and both my Mom and I realize that we left our cameras at her house and we don’t have smart phones with fancy cameras.  So our first stop was the gift shop.  Thankfully they still sell disposable cameras.  For those of you unaware, these are actual film cameras that you have to get developed.  The lady who worked there said, “you would be surprised at how many people do not know how to use them.”    Grandma also bought little guy a hat as I forgot to bring that as well.  (But I did remember the sunscreen!  I am not a completely bad Mom.)  🙂    I still haven’t taken the camera to be developed.  I am going to do that today or tomorrow and get a CD of the photos.  I do love having a digital camera for this ability.  I don’t think I will forget mine again!

The rest of the trip was pretty low-key.  Just relaxing and visiting.  Little guy did much better sleeping and napping in his pack ‘n’ play than I thought he would.  He has never slept in it before so I was not sure how it would work.  But there really wasn’t any difference, other than maybe a few more minutes to fall asleep.  And that video camera I got with my car seat purchase came in handy and was so perfect!  It was great to be able to keep an eye on him as he fell asleep.

Oh and Wednesday was also a little bittersweet.  We brought the new car seat with us but did not have it installed.  Hubby took the old one out on Wednesday and I installed the new one and then we stopped by the local fire station to have them check it.  They were impressed that I had done such a great job of installing it.  They tightened it just a hair and we were good to go.  It was sad to think that he no longer will be in his little car seat.  I am still getting the hang of putting him in the new one.  It was so convenient having the one you can just take out and carry, but little guy is just too tall for it.  And I really miss the canopy to block out the sun.  For the drive back home I fashioned a towel clipped with clothespins so that it would block the sun from the side window.  Yes I do have one of those window shades, but it isn’t big enough to cover the entire window.  I have an idea of something to make and will hopefully get to that in the next few days.  Right now I load him in thought the rear driver’s side (he is on opposite side).  I don’t like the idea of having my back turned taking the time to load him and buckle  him in.  Can’t see if someone were to approach me from behind.  And in this day and age, you can never be too careful.  So I just get in the back seat with him, lock the door and load and buckle him in.  Then get out and get into the front seat.  I know this probably looks a little funny, but it feels safer to me.  If hubby was with me, I would load normally though.


As far as little guy, he is not crawling yet.  I thought he might do it while we were visiting my parents, as that is when he finally rolled over from his back to his belly.  But no such luck.  He sits and once in a while he will lean back too far and fall backwards.  If you hold his hands he will pull himself up to a standing position.  And there is still no teeth!  I am kind of thankful as I do dread that day he gets some since I am still breast-feeding.  No idea when this will happen, but I am not worried.  I would love it if he started to crawl, but he may not crawl.  Maybe he will just start walking.  Only time will tell.  He is really still only saying dada and of course the raspberries.  Oh and he is screeching a lot these days!  He screeched so loudly yesterday, my ears actually ached for about an hour after.

We are still feeding purees.  I tried a few pieces of soft food here and there, if they are really soft he does ok.  I also tried the Gerber puffs here and there he did ok, he crunched them with his gums.  But then once in a while he would suck it in and he would gag.  So I would have to stick my finger in and sweep the back of his tongue to get it out.  It freaked me out a little.  That was the last time I gave him one( over a week ago).  I don’t want to rush.  He does like the purees.  We have done, zucchini, butternut squash, sweet potato, apple, nectarines, cantaloupe, acorn squash, avocado, peaches, green beans, carrots, prunes, peas and bananas.  I also did a mixed jar of apples and plums as well as a turkey/vegetable blend (that was the free jar of Earth’s Best we got from the movie theater when we went to the bring your baby matinée which they no longer do.  The only thing that didn’t work was the bananas.  He spit up after those.  I know I can’t eat them without getting indigestion.   So I think he is doing well, especially since he has no teeth.  What are some of the fun purees that you have tried?


I think that updates things.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. katie Says:

    I love trying new foods with Danni girl! Last night she tried Salmon that I had ordered from Zea’s. I just mashed it by pinching it in my fingers a few times. I do this with green beans, mac n cheese, and whatever else I order that’s soft. She ate a quarter of my Capalinni Pomodoro (sp?) from Olive Garden one night. I want her to get used to different textures. And she will suck those puree’s straight from the pouch. Very cute. I have also made a lot of her purees. My favorite combo is sweet potato, carrot, and apple. YUM! I eat them when she won’t finish.

    How do you like the shoulder pads on the new car seat? They are too cumbersome for Danni but I’m scared to cut mine off. I think they will be OK when she gets bigger but for now they are huge and I think it’s hard to get the straps snug enough. Don’t know.

    Oh and I FINALLY updated my blog. I kept reading yours week after week and thinking I HAVE TO GET ON THIS!! So thanks for the inspiration!!

    • Yay for updating your blog! I loved seeing all the pictures. She is such a cutie! The car seat straps aren’t too bad. I have been sliding them forward as far as I can by the clasp and then tighten the strap. That gets things pretty tight then I carefully move them each up so that they are where they are supposed to be and the clasp is at the armpits. It hasn’t been too bad. I do miss the convenience of just popping in the car seat and taking it out of the car, baby & all..

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