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new assignment . . . August 25, 2013

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It is no secret that I love to watch TV.  Years ago, I was very loyal to a few shows and I watched them religiously.  I loved “ER,” “Friends,” “Seinfeld” and was sad to see those shows end.  But when one show ends it just makes room for another new show.  Every new TV season I am always curious to see what new shows they come out with and whether or not they will grab my interest.  I think nowadays we are inundated with “reality TV.”  I do watch my fair share.  I think for me it started with “Survivor.”  I believe I have watched every season, although I don’t get upset anymore if I miss a show or 2.  I LOVE “Amazing Race” and never miss those shows.  I have also watched “American Idol,” although again, if I miss a show, I don’t really care and honestly I didn’t really watch much of last season’s show.  Being married to someone in the music business, there is so much they don’t tell you about “making it.”  So many young people think that all they have to do is be in the right place at the right time or they will get discovered on TV.  It simply does not happen that way!  It is a lot of HARD work!  That is why most musicians end up teaching.  My husband actually performs full-time which is a rarity.    Anyway, I am getting off topic,

With the evolution of cable and the popularity of cable networks coming up with their own series, there is a lot more out there to choose from.  And in addition, some of the cable networks started broadcasting their tv “seasons” during the summer.  Made sense to me, as the major network’s season went from September to May.  What were we to watch in the summer?  Reruns?   It seems as though this season CBS has caught on to this trend with their show “Under the Dome.”    This is a show based on a Stephen King novel.

I have always been a fan of Stephen King.  It started when I was about 12 years old.  I got the book “Pet Sematary.”


I loved that book and it got me hooked!  I would read it every night before bed and it is a wonder that I was able to sleep!  I did not have a bedside lamp.  So I would use the overhead light to read.  When it was time to go to sleep, I had to get out of the bed to turn the light off.  As soon as I flicked the switch, I leaped about 3 feet into bed.  Why?  Because I just knew Churchill was under the bed!  (that is the cat from the story and on the cover of the book).  I know it is silly, but I was 12.  Once I finished that book I read more.  All told, I think I have read 14-15 of his books and of course I have seen a lot of his movies, if not most of them.  There are a few books of his that I have in my collection that I have not yet started to read.  Life happens and I put that on the back burner.  Most of the books I have read lately have been pregnancy related and most recently, baby related.

Fast forward to a few weeks back, when “Under the Dome” started on television.  I got my hubby interested in watching it with me.  Not sure if he is really interested or he just wants to spend time with me.  He does watch some TV with me, usually “Seinfeld” reruns and occasionally he will watch some “reality” tv, but by the end of those shows we are both so disgusted by the lack of reality and the obvious fakeness it is nice to watch something that is just for fun.

A week ago or so hubby read that “Under the Dome” had been renewed for a 2nd season to commence next summer.  It got him to thinking.  He wondered that in the case of a television series based on a book, how would they go about telling the story each season, not knowing if they will have subsequent seasons.    As it turns out, I was looking in my shopping cart the other day.  When I see something I am interested in, I add it to my cart and usually come back to it later and decide if I really want it.  I am not a spontaneous buyer, I like to think things through.  So I was looking through my items and I saw that I had added the book probably shortly after it came out in 2009, well before the TV series was even talked about.  So hubby thought it would interesting to see how the book was in comparison to the show.  I was up for the challenge of reading it.  Like, I said I have always been a fan and it would be nice to just read something for fun, since it has been so long since I had.

The book was delivered Friday and I was quite surprised at how big it was.  It is 1072 pages, 2 inches thick and that is the paperback!  Seeing the book sit on my desk, I can’t help but feel that excited feeling each time I would get yet another Stephen King book to read.  I love how I am drawn into the story and find it hard to put the book down.  So my plan is to start reading it today.  I am intrigued at how the story is presented in the book versus how it will play out on TV.  At 1,072 pages, it just might take me until the end of season 2 to finish it.  🙂006Thanks for reading!


4 Responses to “new assignment . . .”

  1. Valerie Says:

    Oh man, I am such a chicken – I can’t watch/read that stuff! 😛

    • I do ok with Stephen King, but all that horror stuff that is out there now, forget it! I can’t even watch the TV commercials for those scary movies! YIKES!

      • Valerie Says:

        Yeah, King is more psychological thriller, right? Did you ever see The Game with Michael Douglas? LOVE that one, but it was freaky!! lol

  2. Yes I did see “The Game.” I agree!

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