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(surprise) garden . . . August 9, 2013

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I meant to post this yesterday, but it slipped my mind.  My parents are coming for a visit today for a few days, so Friday Favorites will have to wait until next week.  I need to do a few things around the house before they get here.

If you recall last year I had a small garden filled with corn, green beans and cherry tomatoes.  This year I just simply did not feel like doing anything with it.  We were still dealing with sleep (lack of) issues and I was too exhausted to deal with that.

I did however, decide to let the weeds grow. 🙂

Last week I decided, while taking the dog out to do his business, to take a look at the garden to try to motivate myself to at least pull the weeds out.  Imagine my surprise when I saw several tomato plants!  I could not believe it!  That is the easiest garden I have ever had.  So you would think that would certainly motivate me to clean out the weeds.  Not exactly, although I had added it to my mental “to do” list for sometime this week or next.

Thankfully hubby decided to surprise me and pull the weeds!  Here are before and after photos.  The tomatoes are still green, but maybe sometime soon they will ripen.  The funny thing is, I don’t eat them.  I love ketchup and tomato soup, but I don’t like tomatoes.  Hubby does and that is why they were planted in the first place.

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2 Responses to “(surprise) garden . . .”

  1. A Wee Nest Says:

    That was nice of your hubby! He did a great job!

  2. storkchaser Says:

    Gotta love tomatoes for just that reason! They just magically grow every year after planting them once haha!!! Congrats (to your hubby)!

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