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favorites friday . . . wonder bumpers July 19, 2013

Ok, so I am all about saving money.  And I always try to find the best deal on whatever I buy and if something is just too expensive I can usually do without.

The reason I am prefacing this is because the product I am going to talk about was a bit pricey, but already it has proved it’s worth.

I am actually writing this post Thursday night.  We just received the Wonder Bumpers, I got them washed and installed.  Little guy’s bedtime was delayed about 30 minutes, but I do believe it was worth it!

Before I explain, I need to give a little background.  About a year or so after hubby and I got married, one of our neighbors moved to Florida.  He gave us a set of wireless security/baby cameras for free.  We actually set up the cameras to use to monitor the rose-bush out front.  Someone decided they were going to cut the roses off the bush before they could bloom.  I had an idea who it was, but we never seemed to have an issue after the camera was placed.  This was what we were hoping, so it was a success.  Well, the neighbor that I thought was doing it has moved.  Actually his house was foreclosed on and he had to move.  So we felt comfortable finally taking the camera down.  We decided to move it into the baby’s room.  Since we were going to do the CIO, I thought this would be great to be able to check on him.  The first few nights of CIO we did not have the camera installed, so I would go in and try to look at him by the light of the night-light and lightly put my hand on his back to make sure he was breathing (New mom paranoia).  Anyway, we installed the camera and I LOVE IT!  It has night vision, so it as clear as if the sun was shining.  We have it hooked up to the TV in our room and we can hop over from watching TV to watching him.

So we started to notice that even though we would put him down in the middle of his bed, he would usually end up like the photo I posted on Wednesday, perpendicular.  Or he would work his way down to the end of the bed.  All the while he would bang his head into the slats of the crib.  We weren’t sure how hard he was hitting it and the only “protection” was one of the breathable mesh bumpers.  So Tuesday night we set out to find a solution and I found the Wonder Bumpers on Amazon.

I did not want to get a regular bumper as I was still concerned with SIDS.  So when I saw this I was happy as it seemed to solve the problem.  After washing them and getting them all on (they come in 38, 24 and 2 per package, there are 40 slats on our crib, so we chose to leave 2 empty toward the other side where he doesn’t seem to go) I can say that I am very happy!  It took about 30 minutes to get them all on and right now I do not have the mesh bumper up and I will probably put that back up tomorrow as it will help prevent him from sticking his legs and arms through the slats. (UPDATE:  I did put the mesh bumper back on this morning and so he is set!)

We put him to bed and we watched on the TV as he moved around and bumped his head several times against the slats.  He only cried for a couple of minutes, the rest he just fussed a bit.  Such a big difference from the night before without the cushions.

They are very well made and reversible.  The brown and cream match some bins I have on the changing table, so it worked out great!  The other colors that were offered were more expensive, some almost double what we paid.  For what we paid, I would say it is worth it.  If he bangs his head, we know it doesn’t hurt like before.

Thanks for reading!


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