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6 months . . . June 23, 2013

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6 MONTHS!!!  Our little guys is getting so big!

I weighed him on Friday and he was a whopping 16lbs 5.5 oz.  My guess on the height is 27-28 inches.  We started him on solids about 2 weeks ago.  I was hoping it would help with his sleep.  It has, maybe a little.

I opted to skip the rice cereal as I read that there is arsenic in it.  They say you can give them up to one serving a day safely, but I say, why risk it.  So I gave him oatmeal cereal mixed with breast milk.  It is more nutritious than the rice cereal anyway.  After about 5 days of that with no reactions, I introduced sweet potatoes.  I bought the Earth’s Best brand of oatmeal and pureed foods.  After his finished the jar of sweet potatoes I made my own homemade sweet potato puree.  I liked the taste better and he loves it. So I will be doing that from now on.  I tried a jar of carrots and he had some spit up about 30-60 minutes after, 2 days in a row, so I stopped them and stayed with the sweet potatoes.  I think today I am going to try to puree some peas and see how he likes them.

I ordered some trays to freeze the purees in 1 ounce servings.  I should get those Monday.  I am excited to puree different foods for him to try.  I want to try Butternut squash, green beans, yellow squash and zucchini.  I also bought a jar of pureed apples.  I will give those to him after I introduce a couple of more vegetables.  Then I will work on pureeing apples, peaches, bananas and pears.

Right now I give him some cereal in the morning around 10am or so with the sweet potato and then some more cereal around 5pm.  I may or may not give veggies at this time too.  I have read that solids are just for fun before one, so I don’t want to replace meals with them just yet.


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6 Responses to “6 months . . .”

  1. Andrea Says:

    I can’t believe our babies are growing so fast!!! We started Brendan on Earth’s Best sweet potatoes and carrots also and he loved them both but the carrots gave him gas pains. Interesting that little Pete also had some reactions to the carrots. We also skipped the rice cereal. I just didn’t see the point in giving him something without any real nutritional value. I also mashed up a little bit of avocado with some formula and Brendan seemed to like that also. Solids are so much fun!!

    Keep up the good work mama!!

    • Thanks! That is interesting about the carrots! How many servings are you giving per day? Second guessing myself as he seems to be packing on the weight. Could just be the 6 month growth spurt I guess.

      • Andrea Says:

        I’m starting him off slow. Just been doing about a tbsp once a day (did every other day for the first week). He’s a little younger than LP (5.5 mos) so I didn’t want to give him too much. He’s doing well with it though except for the carrots! Its been about 2 weeks now.

      • Thanks. I think I was hoping it would help him sleep better. Not much luck there. We see the doctor on July 5 so I can ask if I need to back off any. He seems to excited when I feed him.. Mouth goes wide open each time I get the spoon ready. 🙂

      • Andrea Says:

        Awww sounds like he loves it! Brendan gets excited too…so fun! I’m sorry you’re still having sleep issues with him. That has to be rough. Brendan is doing so much better but for a long time I really thought it was never going to improve. It seemed like literally overnight things got better. Hopefully the same happens for you. .and SOON!

      • Me too!!! Hearing that Brendan is sleeping well, gives me hope!

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