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6 months . . . June 23, 2013

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6 MONTHS!!!  Our little guys is getting so big!

I weighed him on Friday and he was a whopping 16lbs 5.5 oz.  My guess on the height is 27-28 inches.  We started him on solids about 2 weeks ago.  I was hoping it would help with his sleep.  It has, maybe a little.

I opted to skip the rice cereal as I read that there is arsenic in it.  They say you can give them up to one serving a day safely, but I say, why risk it.  So I gave him oatmeal cereal mixed with breast milk.  It is more nutritious than the rice cereal anyway.  After about 5 days of that with no reactions, I introduced sweet potatoes.  I bought the Earth’s Best brand of oatmeal and pureed foods.  After his finished the jar of sweet potatoes I made my own homemade sweet potato puree.  I liked the taste better and he loves it. So I will be doing that from now on.  I tried a jar of carrots and he had some spit up about 30-60 minutes after, 2 days in a row, so I stopped them and stayed with the sweet potatoes.  I think today I am going to try to puree some peas and see how he likes them.

I ordered some trays to freeze the purees in 1 ounce servings.  I should get those Monday.  I am excited to puree different foods for him to try.  I want to try Butternut squash, green beans, yellow squash and zucchini.  I also bought a jar of pureed apples.  I will give those to him after I introduce a couple of more vegetables.  Then I will work on pureeing apples, peaches, bananas and pears.

Right now I give him some cereal in the morning around 10am or so with the sweet potato and then some more cereal around 5pm.  I may or may not give veggies at this time too.  I have read that solids are just for fun before one, so I don’t want to replace meals with them just yet.


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wordless wednesday . . . June 19, 2013

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tell all tuesday – survivors guilt June 18, 2013

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You would think that life would be great!  After a long 3-year struggle we got pregnant and then we had our beautiful baby boy.

Life IS great!  Don’t get me wrong.  But I will always be an infertile.   I know the heartache of a miscarriage.  I know the pain in seeing those around me get pregnant while I try to manage through yet another failed cycle.  Being poked and prodded.  Having surgery to “explore” what could be wrong.  Feeling less of a woman because you can’t do something that is inherent to being a woman.  So I know what it is like to be on the “other side.”  I have friends who are still trying to get pregnant.  I read blogs of those who are trying to decide when enough trying is enough.  I read those blogs or chat with my friends and I feel the pangs of what I and others in the infertile community have called survivors guilt.

I want to share anything and everything about our little boy.  The funny face he made when he tried sweet potatoes for the first time, the diaper blowouts, the sleepless nights, you name it.  But whenever I do this, I can’t help but put myself in the shoes of those still trying to attain their miracle.  How would they feel constantly being bombarded by baby news, while they feel the void of something they have yet to experience?  Before I got pregnant with our little guy, I would still read the blogs and follow those going through their own miracle pregnancy.  I felt a lot of envy.  I was not proud of that feeling.  And yes, I could have stopped reading the blogs, but I think it helped me to see that there was still hope out there.  Hope that if it happened for them, surely it would happen for me.  And I also wanted to “stay with them” on their journey.  They were still infertile, they didn’t all of a sudden become someone who did not struggle to get pregnant.  So why would I just abandon them completely.  But I also know, if I had, they would have understood.  (That is what is different about women who struggle to get pregnant and those who don’t.  It is a special group of women who would gladly tear up their membership card if they could.  But unless you have gone through it, you just can’t fully understand.)

With each post during my pregnancy and now after the birth, I am constantly aware of how others reading this might be feeling.  I certainly don’t want to be the cause of any pain or envy.  I thank God every day that we were blessed with a child.  The harsh reality is that not every dealing with infertility will be.  And this breaks my heart.  I feel guilty for having succeeded where others have failed.  Why me and not them?  And I can tell you that as someone who has been on the other side of things, I would be the first to tell that person who succeeded, “please don’t feel guilty.  I am happy for you and you have given me hope.”

I have said those things.  It was tough, I won’t lie.  But at the same time I was thrilled for their success.  And it did give me hope!

I don’t like feeling guilty for being successful.  But that is my own cross to bear and something that I need to deal with.  No one is making me feel guilty.  It is hard not to question, why did it work for me and not for her.  But these are questions we will never know the answer to.

But know that I understand.  I hope and pray everyday that those still trying to get pregnant, will.

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favorites friday – coconut oil June 14, 2013

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This one is for everyone!

I learned about coconut oil just a few months back.  I joined a community online (Kellymom) and it was one of the topics that I had seen discussed.  I did some research and thought I would give it a try.

I have used this as a lotion.  It smells really good.  As you know Lil  Pete had issues with cradle cap.  It wasn’t going away even with brushing and shampooing, so I rubbed some coconut oil on his head and used a baby comb and combed his hair (rubbed the comb) in little circles.  The scaly skin came right up!  I did it twice and that was all I needed to do!  I even made a dessert with it.  A gluten-free Almond Butter freezer fudge (click image for recipe).

There are so many uses for coconut oil.  In fact here is a link to 333 uses . . .


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wordless wednesday . . . June 12, 2013

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Snapshot 1 (6-11-2013 2-44 PM)

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tell all tuesday – time June 11, 2013

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It started around the middle of the 2nd trimester of my pregnancy.  Time started moving fast.  There have been times in my life when it has happened, but the “phenomenon” never lasted that long.  However, it has continued to move at a speed faster than I am comfortable.

When you think about being pregnant for 9 months, it seems so long.  Three fourths of a year!  The first trimester and half way into the 2nd, time seemed like it was moving along in slow motion.  Between the morning sickness, the bleeding and the exhaustion, I was ready for the pregnancy to be at its end.  But then after I got through the worst of the morning sickness and the bleeding stopped, I was ready to enjoy the rest of the pregnancy before our lives would be forever changed.  But time seemed to kick into high gear.  I had these grand plans of getting things in order in the house.  Cleaning this, cleaning that.  I was going to have everything organized so that I had nothing to do after the baby came except spend time with him.

What a joke!  I started not sleeping that great because I was uncomfortable, then I just would not have the energy to do much.  Before I knew it, Thanksgiving was here.  I was down to 6 weeks left to go.  Then 2 and a half weeks before my due date, our lives changed.  I was out of time!  I was not ready.  Physically I was, mentally I was not.  But we had no more time.

My time in the hospital was short as well.  The nurses wanted the floor closed for Christmas, and honestly I was ready to go home.  But I could have used more time in the hospital.

After being home and recovering from the c-section, time was moving along at an ok rate.  At least that is what I thought.  Now that our little guy will be 6 months old NEXT WEEK, that is obviously not the case.  Time has flown by.  Not just looking at the last 6 months as a whole, but each day feels like it passes in about half the time.

I get up in the morning and change  him, dress him, give him his medicine and feed him.  Then I get something to eat.  Then it is time to put him down for his 1st nap.  This can take 10-25 minutes depending on him.   Then he sleeps.  I never know how long and I typically spend this time going through my emails and catching up on some news and FB posts.  Then he is up and I spend time with him.  Tummy time, play time, feed him, change him, I eat some lunch and then the next thing I know it is time for him to go down for another nap.  10-25 minutes to get him to sleep.  During this time I try to get some things done such as dishes, a load of laundry started, or paperwork that seems to pile up on my desk.  Of course, as it never fails, the baby doesn’t nap that long and he is up again.  Change him, more play time, perhaps some alone time in his crib, feed and try to put down for another nap depending on what time it is.  The next thing I know it is 6:30pm and I will soon start the process to get him to go to bed.  Change him, massage with lotion, dress into PJs, story time with Daddy then formula and nurse to sleep.  The bedtime routine takes about 45 minutes and then nursing to sleep could take 10-25 minutes.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.  Typically he is good for an hour then he wakes up.  I nurse back down and we are lucky if he sleeps for a 3 hour stretch.  We are usually up during that stretch relaxing, eating dinner or maybe catching up on some work.  We head to bed between 11pm-12am.  He typically gets up shortly after and then  he is up 3-8 times after that.  I nurse back to sleep each time and then start my day over again around 7:30-8:30am.

So each day that passes feels like it passes WAY too fast!  There really aren’t enough hours in a day.

I understand why people say “cherish the time you have with your baby for they won’t be a baby for too long.”  At this rate he will be walking in a blink of an eye.  So if I don’t get to that last load of laundry until the next day or the day after that, it is ok.  Time is fleeting and we must make the most of it.  I do just wish it would slow down a bit for now.

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favorites friday . . . June 7, 2013

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So in my first installment of Favorites Friday I am going to talk about the sound machine.  I was apprehensive about playing music or some sort of sound to help our little guy to sleep.  I did not want him to be dependent on it.  After doing some research I decided to try some “white noise.”  I bought a cd and played that on repeat.  The only trouble was that when the CD came to the end, the volume would decrease and there would be a pause in between the end and the beginning of the noise.  This was not ideal.  I even tried to modify the track on the CD by using a sound editor program and making it longer.  It was better but it still had the same issue of no noise at all when it was getting ready to start over.

So I turned to the internet and found this.HoMedics® SoundSpa Sound Machine   The Homedics Soundspa Sound Machine.  I read the reviews and it seemed like the perfect solution.  And I will tell you, I love it!

It has 6 sounds to choose from.  I personally like the Rain sound.  I think Pete does too.  I turn this on every night and also for naps.  It is part of his sleep routine.  He knows when he hears it that it is time for him to sleep.  At least I think that is what he must think.  🙂

Since hubby and I both work at home, it really helps drown out phone calls and just us moving about our daily lives and also the dog.  And when he gets a little older and gets into a regular sleep pattern I will be able to gradually lower the sound each night until it is off.  I don’t want him to have to fall asleep to it when he is much older.

I typically make my purchases on  They usually have the best prices and I am a Prime member so I get free 2-day shipping.  I do, of course, shop around to make sure I am getting the best price.  When I purchased this the Amazon price was $19.97.  The Bed, Bath & Beyond price was $19.99.  In this instance, Amazon was still better because I would not have to pay tax, but I would have to wait 2 days to get it.  Then I remembered that I had a Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon for 20% off.  No-brainer!  Even with tax it was cheaper (less than $17.00) than Amazon and I could get it right away.  (Side note:  Bed, Bath & Beyond and Buy Buy Baby are the same company.  So the coupons and gift cards are interchangeable!)

So that is the skinny on my first Favorites Friday.

Thanks for reading!