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a year ago today . . . April 18, 2013

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A year ago today our little guy came to be.  Yes, on April 18, 2012 I underwent my egg retrieval and they took my eggs and injected hubby’s sperm and our little guy was created.  I can’t believe that was a year ago already.

I remember thinking that this would be the one.  Third time was going to be the charm.  And I was right!  One of these embryos became our precious little boy.


And then just 3 days later on April 21 they put him inside.  I remember after they put the embryos back, the nurse walked me back to where my husband was and I burst out into tears as we walked.  I just knew this would be the one.  I felt so different that day.

Looking back and seeing those dates, gave me a little bit of the chills.  They put him back in on the 21st of the month and he was born on the 21st of December (2.5 weeks early).  Meant to be.  ♥

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3 Responses to “a year ago today . . .”

  1. I remember being in CO and showing my friend who went through the same procedure…she picked out the eight cell one and thought that was going to be your baby…. So exciting

  2. Princess Says:

    Beautiful story! Hugs!

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