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is chivalry/courtesy dead . . . March 16, 2013

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I have always thought of myself as, for the most part, an independent person.  I can get my own door and take care of most things myself.  But I certainly don’t mind if others open the door for me.  I love when my hubby does.  But there are also times when I get it and hold it for him, especially when his hands are full.  Common courtesy.

I took a little trip to the mall today to cash in a gift card hubby got me for Valentine’s Day.  Got our little guy into his stroller and headed for the entrance.  There were 3 people walking toward the entrance in front of me.

Now I don’t expect people to bend over backwards for me, but I know if I was walking to an entrance and saw a woman pushing a stroller I would hold the door for her.  It is common courtesy, right?  Well, all 3 people walked into the entrance in front of me, not one holding the door.  I can understand if you are quite a bit ahead of someone and just want to go about your day instead of standing there and waiting, but I was literally less than 5 feet behind the man and he acted like I wasn’t even there.  And on the way out a man actually walked out the set of doors right next to me.

It wasn’t the end of the world and I managed just fine on my own, although it certainly would have been easier if someone had held the door.  I just think it is a little sad that more and more people are less and less courteous.  Are parents not teaching their children manners?  Is that what it is?  Or are people just so self-absorbed that they don’t see anything outside of their immediate personal space.  I do see a lot of that when people are walking around with their head down in their phone.  There have been several occasions where I was almost walked into because people were too busy texting and not paying attention to where they were walking.

I can certainly tell you this.  We will teach our son manners.  We will teach our son to be respectful of others.  We will teach our son to be courteous.  I just wish more people would do that.

Ok, off my soap box.

Oh, the item that I got at the mall?  My new Pandora bracelet.  I love it and can’t wait to add to it down the road.  I have the best hubby in the world!  ♥


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One Response to “is chivalry/courtesy dead . . .”

  1. rainbows123 Says:

    The other day I was walking out of a gas station store and i assumed the girl in front of me would hold the door for me since I was right behind her. Nope. It hit me and bruised my finger. She turned and apologized. Guess she was in her own lil world and didn’t notice I was behind her. I always hold the door for others though. Chivalry and courtesy is not dead for me. Then again, im pretty old fashioned.

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