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12 weeks . . . March 15, 2013

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Next week our little guy will be 3 months old!  I know I must say this every post, but the time is flying by so fast!  Every day he seems to be getting bigger or having more personality.  I absolutely love when he smiles at me!  His little crooked smile.  Melts my heart and makes me into a pile of goo.

I am really working on trying to get him to sleep more.  Not just at night, but during the day.  He hasn’t been much of a napper and I worry he isn’t getting the sleep he needs.  He is growing and hitting milestones, so I am sure he is ok and overall does not really fuss that much at all.  I just think it will help him sleep better at night if he can get a couple of good naps in during the day.

I have been sticking him in his car seat the last few afternoon’s (around lunch time) to get him to nap.  It works.  I tuck him in and cover it and then gently rock him a little until he falls asleep (within a couple of minutes).  Then he usually sleeps for about 3 hours.  I am so happy he is getting sleep and so happy I can get some things done around the house.  It has really helped the last few days as Wednesday he was Baptized.

It was a small ceremony.  My parents came up from St. Louis and my brother and his family (wife and 2 girls) were going to be in St. Louis for their spring break (visiting my parents) so they came up also.  We actually planned the Baptism around their visit as I was hoping to have family there for it.  We were originally going to have the Baptism in St. Louis at the church where hubby and I were married, but the priest would not do it during Lent.  I have come to find out that was his choice, not the rule of the Catholic Church.  So we had it at our church up here and we were able to do it during the week, which was also great (When they do them on Sunday’s after Mass, they do multiple ones, during the week it was just us).  Also in attendance were the Godparents and a friend and her mom.  So it was nice and small, just the way we like it.

And to top it all off, a new Pope got elected.  Such a special day all around.  Certainly not one to be forgotten! 🙂  And our little guy did so well!  Did not cry at all and even fell asleep during.  The priest said he was just about the best baby he had ever baptized (because of the not crying).  I told him a full belly works wonders.  I did feed him before we left for the church.  I gave him about 10 minutes on the boob and then gave him 2 ounces of expressed breast milk just to make sure he would make it through. 🙂

We then had a nice reception at our house after.  Which brings me back to the car seat.  So I was able to actually clean the house over the 3 days leading up to the Baptism while he was sleeping in his car seat in the afternoons.  Not quite as thoroughly as I would have cleaned pre-baby, but I was happy with the way the house looked.  I was also able to make cupcakes, a pasta salad and small ham sandwiches.  I picked up a veggie tray from the local grocery store as well as some chips.  Overall, I think it went well.

We got some really nice gifts and even some money for Lil Pete.  I looked into getting a savings bond with the money, but they have changed the way they do those now.  I remember when I was younger and even 10 years ago, you could get a $50 savings bond for $25.  Not anymore!  They are offered at face value and don’t earn very much interest over the life of them.  I even looked into opening a small bank account for him, but those are earning less than 1%.  So I think what we will do is add Lil Pete’s money to our investment account.  He will be benefiting from that anyway as he gets older.  It was just a really nice day!  I was going to post a photo of him in his outfit, but I forgot to take one of him in it (other than with me), so I am going to dress him back up today or tomorrow and take a few shots.  Will post it when I do.

Now that we are past that, I can relax a bit, get a few things done and tackle the next project . . . our taxes!  UGH!

Thanks for reading!


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