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blocked tear ducts & cradle cap . . . January 7, 2013

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So earlier this afternoon, we got little guy up for a feeding and noticed that he had some “gunk” around his eyes.  It was whitish/yellowish and crusty.  We were able to use a warm cloth and wipe it away and get his eyes “unstuck” so they could open.  We immediately called the pediatrician’s office.  A nurse called us back in about 30 minutes and said it was most likely blocked tear ducts, which is not uncommon in newborns.  So instructions are to use the warm cloth and massage the sides of the nose to help unblock them.  It could take a couple of weeks, but should be fine.  We can also continue to clean the eye area with the cloth as we have been.

While we were on the phone with her we also noticed a little bit of dry scalp on his head.  She immediately said that was cradle cap.  Again, very common in newborns.  Since they had been bathed in the amniotic fluid for so long, this environment is a bit dry compared to that so we can use Vaseline or baby oil or even Neutrogena T-Gel on the area and it should also clear up in a couple of weeks.

Poor guy.  Otherwise, he is doing well.

I did forget to mention a few things in my last post.

1)  I have definitely learned a few things about diapering a boy.  🙂  I have a lot of these little wash cloths.  I use one to cover his parts while I am changing the diaper in case he decides to pee again while the diaper is off.  It has worked for the most part, but on a couple of occasions he has caught me off guard.  Today I opened the diaper and he shot right at me.  I was quick with my hand and thankfully only a bit got on my shirt.  I will be sure to tell him of this when he is older. 🙂  And another thing, make sure it is pointed down when you are closing up the diaper.  Not sure if it was just the diaper brand, but he had a few instances of peeing outside of the diaper and down his back.  So pointed down as well as a different brand of diaper has seemed to solve that problem.  As far as the diaper brand, we started using Huggies Snugglers.  After asking a couple of moms, we switched to Pampers Swaddlers.  I like them much better!

2)  For the first week and a half or so of my recovery I pretty much had to lie on my back because of the incision.  It is funny.  During the 2nd and 3rd trimester of the pregnancy I could no longer lie on my back and I kept dreaming of the day I could do this, even though I was always a side sleeper, I enjoyed having the option.  So now I was only able to lie on my back and I could not wait to be able to lie on my sides again.  All is well now as I can pretty much lie in any position.  I am not a belly sleeper, but I think this would still be a bit uncomfortable now.

I think that is it for now.  If I remember something else I will be sure to post again.  I feel in a fog most days because of the lack of sleep.  Hopefully this will get better.

Thanks for reading.


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