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35 weeks . . . December 8, 2012

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Sorry I did not get to post this on Wednesday.  Just been a bit of a hectic (rough) week.  Things are well.  Just been really tired and not feeling like doing much.

Things are looking good with our little guy.  Ultrasounds are going well, still 8 out of 8 on them and the NSTs are going well too.  A couple of times the heart rate drops a bit, but it comes right back up and the doc thinks he is probably rolling around and pinching his umbilical cord or something like that.  Little stinker!

So because of this they are monitoring me a little more, but I feel good about it.  I was concerned that my swollen feet might be heading toward an issue with pre-eclampsia. but all the blood work and urine tests came out normal.  So I am just one of the lucky women whose feet swell a little more than normal.

Can’t believe we are so close to meeting our little miracle.  4 1/2 weeks or even 3 1/2 if he is still growing as fast as he is.  Heck it could be sooner than that!  I still have to get the car seat installed and checked at the local police department.  I still need to pack my hospital bag and finish putting things away in the nursery.

There are times during the day that he is sitting so high I find that I get out of breath so easily.  But I know he will probably start to drop soon and then I will be able to breath, but probably have to pee more.  LOL!

So there is the update!  Hope everyone else is having a great weekend!

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One Response to “35 weeks . . .”

  1. Aiza Says:

    OMG 30 days to go!!! Feels like it was just yesterday you told us about the BFP 😀

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