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Our Christmas came early! December 25, 2012

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Just a quick post to let you know . . .

Peter Paul III was born on 12-21-12 at 10:30pm via c-section.

He weighed 7 pounds, 1 oz and was 20 inches long.  Arrived at 37 weeks, 2 days and is doing great!  Never thought I could love this much!  He is a joy!  Will post more about how the events unfolded in the days to come.  Just trying to heal and get used to it all.


37 weeks . . . December 20, 2012

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Well, our little guy is still breech.  So I am scheduled for a c-section on January 2 (39 weeks).  That is less than 2 weeks away!

I got home on Tuesday, after the ultrasound, and bawled my eyes out.  I did not want to have a c-section and I really thought that he had turned back.  When hubby got home, we talked and I felt better afterwards.

This isn’t what we planned, but all I want is for the baby to be healthy and get here safely.

I know if you do research there are ways to try to turn the baby, from pushing on your stomach, taking supplements, certain exercises, standing on your head, etc.  OK, maybe not the last one, but you get the idea.  If I really thought that anything would work and work safely I might consider trying it.  But at this point, I just don’t think anything would work and with the issues we have had with the baby’s heart rate dropping because he was probably playing with his umbilical cord, I certainly do not want to risk any of the movements putting undo pressure on the cord and causing more problems.  It isn’t worth it.

Today I also did some research on c-sections and Crohn’s Disease.  I haven’t really thought much about my Crohn’s because it has been in remission for over 15 years and I have not had any flares at all during the pregnancy.  But I was curious what might be recommended as far as delivering vaginally vs. c-section.

When I did have issues with my Crohn’s, the problem area seemed to be perianal, such as fissures and Crohn’s related skin-tags.    I knew that if I were to have a vaginal birth, I was concerned about the tearing and subsequent episiotomy.  I would need to be cut diagonally instead of straight down.  Healing after birth would be challenging as the area does not heal as fast with Crohn’s.  So that was always in the back of my mind, especially knowing this guy appears to have a large head.

So I think that in this case, the c-section is the way to go.  Honestly I do not know if I would have really pursued this had the baby not been breech, but I also believe that things happen for a reason.  Maybe this guy decided to turn at the last moment so that my body would not have to go through the issues that might pop up with me having Crohn’s.

Whatever the reason, I will deal with it and things will be just fine.  My parents will be here to help and of course my hubby will be here as well.

So unless things drastically change, we will be meeting our son on January 2, 2013.  It all seems to exciting and scary at the same time.  But I can’t wait to hold him in my arms!!!


36 weeks . . . December 15, 2012

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Sorry I have not been posting these updates promptly.  Just so unmotivated to do much these days.

Appointment last Tuesday went well.  However, the ultrasound showed our little guy was breech!  Yes just a week ago he was head down!  I went back on Friday and has my NST and things were good.  I asked the doctor, based on the placement of the monitor, did he think that he was back head down.  He took me into an exam room and felt around on my belly and said he could not tell.  So he did a quick cervical exam (MAN THAT HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and he said he didn’t think, based on what he felt) that he was head down.  Darn it!

He wants to go ahead and get me on the schedule for a c-section at 39 weeks.  He said if we wait too long, they might be booked and it could be difficult to get a time around 39 weeks and he doesn’t want me to start active labor and be in an emergency situation.  We can always cancel the appointment if the baby turns between now and then.  Praying he turns.

But after thinking about things, my only wish is that he is delivered safely and ok.  Whether he comes vaginally or by c-section I just want him to be ok.  Sure I would love to experience a vaginal birth, but it is out of my hands.

I have been feeling some movement up top, like maybe he is moving his legs, so I am really hoping he has turned back around.  We will get to see on Tuesday.  But then I will feel little movements at the bottom.  Could this be him moving his arms?  Who knows?  I think it is pretty amazing that women can actually tell which side is up and when the baby does his flips.  If he is, I certainly can not tell.  Honestly I think what happened is the night before the ultrasound, I tossed and turned ALL night.  So I am thinking that he moved at that time.


I think the nursery is finished.  I actually have our sons name on the walls in wooden letters that I painted to match the mirrors, but I took them out of the photo as we are not announcing that yet!  🙂  Next to the crib is a side table and then a futon, that is currently made into a bed, but I will be setting that back up.  There is also a chest of drawers on the opposite wall.   It was a spare bedroom and can still be used for that if needed.  The quilt hanging on the back of the crib is the one my mom made and quilted by hand.  A treasure!

002c  001c

I am in the process of packing my hospital bag.  I bought 2 nursing/nightgowns to wear in the hospital.  I got them on  One was $10 and one was $12.  Everything else I saw on other sites were $40 and higher.  That is crazy!  The second one I actually got in a lavender and it comes with a newborn gown.

Dream Cafe Maternity Nursing Sleep ShirtEarth Angels Maternity Baby & Me 2-Piece Set

So all I need to go is get the actual bag packed up.


I cannot believe we are so close.  Potentially we will meet this little guy in 2 and a half weeks.  YIKES!!!  So much is going through my head.  How will labor go?  Will I be a good mother?  Will our dog be ok when we bring the baby home?  (We will be bringing something home prior to the baby, with the baby’s scent on it to get Buddy used to the smell.)  I know these are normal concerns.  It is all just getting so real!

I will try to update a little sooner next week.

Thanks for reading!


35 weeks . . . December 8, 2012

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Sorry I did not get to post this on Wednesday.  Just been a bit of a hectic (rough) week.  Things are well.  Just been really tired and not feeling like doing much.

Things are looking good with our little guy.  Ultrasounds are going well, still 8 out of 8 on them and the NSTs are going well too.  A couple of times the heart rate drops a bit, but it comes right back up and the doc thinks he is probably rolling around and pinching his umbilical cord or something like that.  Little stinker!

So because of this they are monitoring me a little more, but I feel good about it.  I was concerned that my swollen feet might be heading toward an issue with pre-eclampsia. but all the blood work and urine tests came out normal.  So I am just one of the lucky women whose feet swell a little more than normal.

Can’t believe we are so close to meeting our little miracle.  4 1/2 weeks or even 3 1/2 if he is still growing as fast as he is.  Heck it could be sooner than that!  I still have to get the car seat installed and checked at the local police department.  I still need to pack my hospital bag and finish putting things away in the nursery.

There are times during the day that he is sitting so high I find that I get out of breath so easily.  But I know he will probably start to drop soon and then I will be able to breath, but probably have to pee more.  LOL!

So there is the update!  Hope everyone else is having a great weekend!

Thanks for reading!