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1st NST scan . . . November 13, 2012

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Today was my first NST scan.  A non-stress test (NST) measures fetal heart rate, fetal movement, and uterine activity to make sure there’s no fetal distress.  Here is a picture of the monitors.  This is not my belly.  It is one I found on the internet.

The lower monitor (mine was set a bit higher up) measures the baby’s heart rate.  And the upper monitor (mine as a little higher) measures the uterine activity (such as contractions).

I sat there for maybe 15 minutes and then got to go talk to the doctor.  He said everything looked great!  He measured me and my fundal measurement was right at 32 weeks, which I will be tomorrow.  So that is great!

Then I had an ultrasound.  I will be having the NST and U/S once a week and then an additional NST once a week.  For the days they do an NST & U/S they will “grade” me.  They look for 5 things and either give you a 2 or a 0.  So they like to see a score of at least an 8 out of 10.  If you are at 6 they want to see you the next day and if you are at a 4 you may be delivering.

The 5 things they look at are Heart rate (NST), Breathing, Movement, Muscle Tone and Amniotic Fluid.  The last 4 are measured on the U/S.  I am proud to say I (the baby) scored a 10 out of 10!

It was such a great appointment!  And the best part.  We got a couple more shots of the baby and a couple of great 3D ones.  And I can say now that our little guy looks like hubby did when he was a baby.  Look for yourself.  Here is a side by side shot of the baby with a baby picture of hubby.  Amazing!

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  1. He does look like your hubby! Yay, I’m glad everything’s looking good and healthy with you and baby. 🙂

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