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30 weeks, road trip and swollen feet November 2, 2012

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Sorry I haven’t updated.  Friday of last week, we headed out-of-town and just got back last night.  Long week and a lot of driving.  Here is what went down since then.

So on Wednesday (this week) I reached the 30 weeks mark!  It is getting close now!  We had an OB appointment last Friday morning and things are looking good.  My fundal measurement was 30 (I was 29 weeks, 2 days) and he said that is great.  We talked about the ultrasound I had the week prior and I asked about our big guy.  The doctor did say that u/s aren’t 100% accurate, it gives an idea of how big or small the baby will be.  I asked if he would induce if it looked like we were going to have a big one and he said he will know better at the 35 week ultrasound, but based on what he weighed at the last u/s and the fact that they typically gain a 1/2 pound each week from here on out, we could be looking at an 8.5-9 pound baby.  If that were the case he would induce me a week early.  I would be ok with that.  I would much rather push out a smaller baby anyway!  🙂

I go back to see him on Nov 9th and then the following week I will see him 2 times a week.  The early part of the week will be an ultrasound and NST (non-stress test) for the baby and then the later part of the week will just be the NST.  The week of Thanksgiving will only be the ultrasound and NST because we will be out-of-town for Thanksgiving.  I can’t believe we are in the home stretch!


Friday late afternoon we headed out-of-town to Alabama by way of St. Louis.  Spent time with my parents, dropped our dog off and headed off to Alabama on Monday.  Hubby had a concert on Tuesday.  It went well and we headed back to St. Louis on Wednesday, Halloween.  I did wear my costume all the way home. Several people said they really liked it.  Here is a headless picture of me with it on.

It took us a little longer to get home than it did to get down there.  I needed to stop a lot on the way back and we also stopped in Metropolis, IL to see the Superman Museum.  Here is hubby in front of the statue.  He really doesn’t have a smiley face for a head, by the way.

On the rest of the trip home, I started to get some stomach pains.  Nothing to do with the baby.  These were pains I had before, long ago and basically it meant that something was not digesting and the pains would get worse until I threw up.  I did throw up closer to home and then again at my mom’s and into the night/early morning.  The last time I got up that night was 2:30am.  After that I was fine.  And I haven’t had any issues since.


One other thing that I had trouble with on the trip was swollen feet!  I have had some slight swelling here and there for the past couple of weeks, but this was the worst.  I am sure it didn’t help that I did not eat as well as I should have, but when you are on the road, it is difficult.  This will be the last road trip I take before the baby comes, except the trip to St. Louis.  That one is only 4.5 hours, not the 10 hours from St. Louis to our destination in Alabama.  Hubby will be gone for a week this month, so wishing I could go with him especially since our Anniversary and my Birthday will be during that time (cue the tears), but it is for the best.

Here is a picture of my poor feet when we got home on Thursday evening, after an all day drive on Wednesday and a partial drive on Thursday.  They do look better today and should be getting better.  Need to prop them up.  Please don’t comment on my pedicure.  I need to fix them up a bit.  You can see where the straps on my Flip-flops were from that to the toes, my feet look normal, but below that, it doesn’t even look like my own feet!  UGH!


So there you have the update.  I did not even get to take a bump shot this week…Will have to do one next week for sure!

Baby boy has been kicking up a storm lately!  Sometimes it seems like he waits until I go to bed to have a party in there.  But I will take it, because it means he is doing great!

It is getting harder and harder to bend over and sit upright at the computer.  Feels so much better to lay back and slouch a bit.

Thanks for reading!


2 Responses to “30 weeks, road trip and swollen feet”

  1. My feet look the same. The big difference is, all my polish has come off except for on my big toes. It looks atrocious! Yours looks much better than mine. I really want to get a pedicure soon since I can’t reach my feet anymore. 😛

  2. lindzlamp Says:

    Hey I nominated your for a Liebster Award. Check out my post about it if you would like to participate!

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