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28 weeks . . . October 18, 2012

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So I reached 28 weeks yesterday and today we got to see our little guy again!

The bubble-like things above him is actually the umbilical cord..

Little guy is measuring 29 weeks and was a whopping 2 lbs 15 ozs.  He is in the 65th percentile (a little on the big side, but not too bad).  Everything looked great!  Good strong heartbeat and he was moving A LOT!

Besides my hubby, my mom was also in the u/s room, so she got to see him as well.

Pretty good day! 🙂

We also had our 3rd birthing class tonight.  Talked about c-section and other interventions during pregnancy, such as inducing, needing some help with a vacuum etc, and also pain remedy.  Pretty interesting stuff.  Really makes you think.

Of course I want to go as far as I can without pain medications, but I also know my body and if it comes down to it, I will do what I need to do safely to help this baby come into this world under as little stress as possible.

Sorry this is short, but I wanted to get it in before tomorrow and I before I head off to bed!

Thanks for reading!


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