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ob appointment and i can’t believe I did that . . . October 12, 2012

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So today was our OB appointment.  It was for 9am.  We got there a couple of minutes prior.  And finally about 10:40am we got called back to see the doctor.  Yes you read that right.  And hour and a 40 minutes of waiting!  UGH!

I understand things happen and I would want to doctor to talk to me as long as I needed, but geesh!  I know next time to call ahead and see if he is running on time.  We are only 5 minutes away, so that would save us some frustration.

Everything looked great.  Urine was great, blood pressure was 120/80 great and heartbeat was great.

Doctor did the fundal measurement and it measured 29 cm.  He said it was good and meant that our little guy probably had a bit of a growth spurt, since I am only 27 weeks and 2 days.

I asked the questions I had.  As far as walking and the tightness.  As long as it goes away when I stop the activity it is ok.  But if it does not and it happens 5 times in an hour then I need to see him.

The lump at the top of my stomach is what I thought it might be; my intestines are popping through the muscles in my stomach.  It is not a hernia and he said he didn’t think it would get that bad.  He had maybe one patient in all his years have a hernia.  So keeping my fingers crossed that it does not pop!

He also felt around to see how the baby was sitting.  I put something together to give you an idea of how the baby is right now.

I thought it was interesting because he felt around below my belly button and said he thought it was the butt because it was soft.  🙂  Still time for him to get into the proper position for birth.  Hopefully by 36/37 weeks (if not sooner).

So my next appointment will be in 2 weeks.  Then 2 weeks after that I start seeing him twice a week for monitoring of the baby.  This is because I am 40 and am going to be 41 when I give birth and because this is an IVF baby.  Also starting that week I will get to have an ultrasound once a week.

Next week I get to see the baby again.  It will be my 28 week ultrasound to measure growth.  The weekly ultrasounds will be to look at the health of the baby and then at 35 weeks we will have another ultrasound to measure growth.  Looks like I will be seeing the doctor quite a bit in about a month.  I am glad there are so many appointments as it will help put me at ease.

I am also to start counting movements.  He said remember learning to drive, the 10 and 2 position.  Which means, 10 movements in a 2 hour time period.

So overall it was a good appointment, aside from the waiting.


We had our second child-birth class last night and it went well.  We practiced breathing techniques and relaxation.  We talked about the 3 stages of labor and also got to see a natural birth.  As I have these classes it is all getting more and more real.  Sometimes the anxiety starts to kick in and I start to get emotional thinking that in under 3 months we will be meeting our little guy.  And I can’t wait!


Now to the stupid thing I did after the doctor visit.  So after waiting so long to see the doctor and I had only had a small bowl of cereal this morning, I wanted to stop on the way home at a gas station/convenience store.  I picked something up and hubby was paying.  The total was $3.06.  I didn’t have my purse so I reached into the little cup on the counter and grabbed out 6 cents.  As I did this I thought to myself, wow there is a lot of change in there, usually it is only a few pennies.  I handed the change to the lady behind the counter.  Then I saw the sign.  Donate your change to the March of Dimes.  DOH!!  I could not believe I did that!!!!!!!

You see they always have a little cup to take or leave some change if you need, as do a lot of places.  The trouble was the sign was not prominent and hard to see.  Not that it is an excuse, but I would NEVER take money from a charity.  I was about to go out to the car to grab some change that hubby keeps in there and he decided to drop 2 dollar bills into the cup to make up for me taking the 6 cents.

I feel like such an ass!  It took all my strength to hold back my tears from feeling so badly about it.  I guess it could have been worse.  I could have just seen the sign and taken the money out of there without any concern at all.

Well, believe me I will be more aware next time!

Thanks for reading (and not judging me).


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  1. Oh, honey, that sounds like something I would do, too. Just blame it on pregnancy brain. I think people are very forgiving of pregnant women. 🙂 Glad your baby is healthy and doing well.

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