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glucose and stupid insurance . . . September 27, 2012

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So this morning I had my 1-hour glucose test.  At 8am today I had some toast and then fasted after that until my appointment at 10:15.  Got to Quest Diagnostics and promptly was given the drink to down.  From everything I have read about other experiences with this on BabyCenter and other blogs I was expecting an orange drink (like flat orange soda).  Mine was actually lemon lime.  It wasn’t too bad and I had it finished within a minute or so.  Wanted to get that part over with.

Then I waited.  The phlebotomist told me that they would draw my blood at 11:20.  I brought a book with me and sat.  My time came and I was still waiting.  Finally at 11:27 they came out (from helping another person) and drew my blood.  She said as long as it is within 15 minutes of the time they told me I was fine.  Whew!

Later, I went to Destination Maternity and got a couple of more tops.  As it is getting colder I realized I did not have any long-sleeve maternity tops.  Got a couple of t-shirts (buy one get one 50% off) and a sweater.  Headed to Target to get one more short-sleeved t-shirt and a pretzel.  🙂

Then when I got home the mail was here.  I received my explanation of benefits from my insurance company regarding my flu and whooping-cough immunizations.  They were denied!  Why you ask?  I do not meet the age requirement.  So I promptly called and was told that it was denied because I was over the age of 16.  I said but I am pregnant and they said they are preventative and therefore not covered.

I believe most insurance covers immunizations.  Mine in the past always did.  When I quit my job I went on COBRA.  After COBRA ran out, I needed to get my own policy.  Rather than apply to Blue Cross Blue Shield and have to give them 10 years of history including ALL doctors visits, etc., and including pre-existing conditions and not have maternity coverage right away, the State of Illinois offered a “high-risk” plan.    If you had COBRA all you had to do was apply with a simple application and you got insurance, with maternity coverage and no worry about pre-existing conditions.  My insurance is through Blue Cross Blue Shield and I have pretty good coverage.  But the state legislatures don’t think it is important to immunize people.

But if I were to get the flu or whooping-cough and end up in the hospital to be treated, THAT would be covered!  Really????  How stupid!!!

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3 Responses to “glucose and stupid insurance . . .”

  1. What was your blood sugar after the hour was up? Sorry about insurance. Don’t let it bother you..small stuff insurance is silly. You’re going to be a mommy so nana nana poo poo to them and their lack of immunization coverage… the baby going to be on that insurance? Some don’t cover childhood immunizations either…you may want to check into that too.

    • I will have to call the Doctor’s office tomorrow to get my results. I was told they should have them by then. Yes the baby will be on mine, but from what I understood, children under 16 are covered for immunizations. Must be hormonal today, which is why it bothered me so much! 🙂

  2. Hormones are allowed! Xoxoxoxo

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