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25 weeks . . . September 26, 2012

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Well, last night was the 6th night in a row that I have not slept too well.  I usually fall asleep for about 4-5 hours straight before I have to get up to use the bathroom (unless I drink too much before bed – which I am trying to not do).  Then when I go back to bed, I typically toss and turn every 30 min to 1 hour, changing sides because my hips are killing me.  We have a sleep number bed and I have been trying to find the right number and it isn’t easy.  Especially when the bed decides to inflate itself overnight (has to do with the temperature in the room or something like that).  When I wake up with the pain I try to press on some of the pressure points the chiropractor did in his office and let me tell you they hurt!!!!!!  That gives me a little bit of relief, but not for long.

Then this morning at about 7am I turned over and heard something.  I thought it may have been hubby breathing weird next to me, but it wasn’t.  Then I thought it might have been a dog outside and then I realized it was our dog throwing up.  I jumped out of bed, got him out of his crate to let him finish on the floor instead of his bed as it would be easier to clean up.  Poor little guy.  We got him a new bag of these all natural sweet potato fries, which he loves, but this is the 3rd time he has thrown up since we bought them.  I think it must be a bad batch.  The one he threw up this morning he actually ate Monday evening as we knew he did not get one yesterday.  So that bag is going in the trash.  Thankfully he does not seem affected by it at all, other than a momentary upset stomach.  Because after he was finished, he was running around like nothing happened.

Boy this brings back memories of when he was a puppy and we were house training him.  We would hear him bark and I would run down there to take him out, but a lot of the time it was too late.  UGH!  All practice for when we have this little baby of ours.  Thankfully though babies wear diapers.  I suppose they make them for dogs, but that just seems weird to me.  And yes I do realize that diapers may not always “hold everything inside.”  🙂

Anyway, that is what I am dealing with now…lack of sleep!

In other news . . . tomorrow is my 1-hour Glucose test.  I will eat a piece of toast around 8am and head to my appointment for 10:15am.  When I get there I get to drink some sugary drink and wait for an hour.  Then they draw some blood and I am on my way.  Guess I will bring a book or something with me to read.  I am a bit nervous about it.  I just hope I pass!  I do not want to have to do a 3-hour test, which turns out to be 4 hours of waiting time.

Oh and one last thing.  I got the storage bins for the changing table so the crib and changing table are done.  Well, except for the mobile for the crib.  Still trying to decide on which on I want.

Thanks for reading.


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