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picture day . . . September 24, 2012

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Since not too much has been going on thought I would post a couple if pictures.  I have been pretty draggy the last couple of days.  Not sure if it is the change in the weather or just the pregnancy.  Hoping some energy comes back!

So Friday morning I decided that it was a great day for some homemade chilli and cornbread.  The weather is turning cooler (finally!) and I just knew this would hit the spot.  Hubby had to work Friday evening, so this was the perfect lunch.

Today I ventured out to Carter’s to look at clothes.  Yes I know I have a ton of clothes that were sent to me, but I was still needing that “bring home from the hospital outfit.”  They are having a great sale and I found one that I thought would be perfect.  Regular price $20 on sale for $9.  Since we are having the little guy in the winter and I love snow, this s what I chose:

The only issue I had was trying to determine if I should get Newborn size or 3 months.  I thought surely he won’t be over 8 pounds (hubby and I weren’t) so I took a chance the got the newborn.  I guess as we get closer we will have a better idea of how big he is getting.  I know it is still pretty early to be getting the outfit, but I figured if I waited too long they might be stocking spring/summer clothes and I would miss out.

Thanks for reading.


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