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24 weeks . . . September 20, 2012

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Sorry I didn’t get around to posting yesterday, but we have made it to 24 weeks!

It is a good milestone.  According to my book, Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy:

“Babies born at 24 weeks have a greater than 50-50 chance of survival, and the odds get better with every passing week.  Still, complications are frequent and serious.”

So it is a good milestone, but baby needs to stay in and “bake” some more. 🙂

Things are moving along nicely.  Working on the nursery here and there (got the changing table the other day) and now I will start looking into childbirth classes.  Will probably need to take those in October.

I was also looking at hubby’s schedule for the month of December.  Let’s just say I hope I don’t go into labor in December.  He works every single day except Dec 1, 24, 25 & 26.  Not that he would not do whatever is in his power to be there, but since he is self-employed it would be great if the baby picked an off day!  LOL  I laugh because we cannot plan this, he is going to come when he is good and ready!

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