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crib . . . September 7, 2012

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It is put together!  Didn’t take too long and I did all but the spring/mattress holder by myself.  I needed hubby to hold that piece up while I screwed it in.

Now I can order the mattress and bedding.  So excited.

Up until this morning, part of me was apprehensive about getting the crib and setting up the nursery.  You read about women losing the baby in the 2nd and 3rd trimester and not that I think this will happen, but I imagine those women having the nursery set up and then having to deal with the loss with all of the reminders around.  I know it sounds crazy and I hate feeling this way.

So today I jumped into the project and am glad that I have that part done and I look forward to getting the rest of things done.


On another note, I did finally go to the chiropractor last night.  The adjustment felt good.  Unfortunately I slipped on our carpeted stairs this morning and fear I threw my lower back out.  My left foot caught the edge of the step and slid out from under me.  Left leg extended and fortunately I was able to grab the handrail with my right hand and then I abruptly plopped on my right butt cheek on the edge of another step.  I went back upstairs to sob like a fool because I was so scared.  I was fine, but it really scared me.  I have felt the baby move since, so that was a big relief.

Well, as the morning progressed I have become more sore.  My upper back is a little tight and my lower back feels out.  I will see how I feel the rest of the day and I may just have to go back to the chiropractor.  ugh!

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2 Responses to “crib . . .”

  1. Heather Says:

    I have physical therapy for my back 3x per week. It seems to help a little bit. They suggested I see a chiropractor as well but I just feel awkward going seeing as how I am 22 weeks pregnant. Does it really help? What exactly do they do?

    • My chiropractor worked on my lower back and hips. He actually popped my lower back as it was out and causing me a lot of pain. Then he did pressure points on my hips to help with other pain. I would suggest going, just be sure to ask the doctor if he/she is certified to work on pregnant women. My doctor also suggested that when I hit 36 weeks (assuming I don’t don’t early) I should go once a week. He will help the pelvis open up some more to help with labor. Good luck!

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