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labor day weekend . . . September 4, 2012

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Had a nice weekend.  My parents (little boy’s grandparents) came for a visit.  They helped us move around some furniture so that I can start working on the baby’s room.  Our lower level (split-level house) looks so much better.  We got a great deal on a flat screen TV from Sam’s to replace the monster projection TV hubby has had for over 10 years.  We got the flat screen mounted on the wall and was able to move his pool table into the middle of the living room.  It has been stuck in a corner, unused since I moved in almost 4 years ago.  It is a pool table/ping-pong table/air hockey table in one.  So now we get to finally use it.  Then we moved my sewing machine & table down in the corner  and the room actually looks bigger.  The sewing machine & table were in the baby’s room so that freed up space for the crib and changing table.  Things are moving right along.

Also, this weekend we went to a fall festival in one of the adjacent towns, even though it was VERY hot and VERY crowded (more on the crowds in another post).  We saw a lot of crafters and I got to have a smoked sausage sandwich.  I had one last year and could not wait to go to the festival and have it again this year.  I stayed hydrated, but the heat was still getting to me and I didn’t feel like having my standard funnel cake.  So unlike me.  I will have to get one at another festival before the year is over though.  I love them!

We also stopped by Buy Buy Baby to register.  I hadn’t planned on registering there and so far I have not added anything to the registry.  I wanted to get the goody bag.  Is that bad of me?  There was a coupon for a free bottle, a pacifier, some lotion samples, etc.  🙂

Oh and I picked my corn that I was growing.  Unfortunately I only had one cob out of about 10 plants.  But it was the biggest I had ever grown.  Last year I got about 3 cobs but they were only about 4 inches long and 4 inches in circumference.  This one was about 7 inches long and 6 inches in circumference (see picture).  Hubby and I had it for dinner (cut in half of course).

And Grandma brought up some goodies for the baby(picture).

And even though I live in Chicago, I will always be a Cardinals fan (picture).

Now I think I will go and order the crib!  Can’t wait to have that put together!!!

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2 Responses to “labor day weekend . . .”

  1. Yay!!! Things are coming together!

  2. aw how nice of grandma 🙂

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