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i passed . . . September 28, 2012

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YES!!! I passed my 1-hour glucose test!!!!!!!!!

My level was 85. The nurse told me they like to see it under 140.  I am so happy!!!  Happy because I don’t have to take the 3-hour test and happy because I should not be at risk for Gestational Diabetes.

Good day today!!!!!!!!!!!!

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glucose and stupid insurance . . . September 27, 2012

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So this morning I had my 1-hour glucose test.  At 8am today I had some toast and then fasted after that until my appointment at 10:15.  Got to Quest Diagnostics and promptly was given the drink to down.  From everything I have read about other experiences with this on BabyCenter and other blogs I was expecting an orange drink (like flat orange soda).  Mine was actually lemon lime.  It wasn’t too bad and I had it finished within a minute or so.  Wanted to get that part over with.

Then I waited.  The phlebotomist told me that they would draw my blood at 11:20.  I brought a book with me and sat.  My time came and I was still waiting.  Finally at 11:27 they came out (from helping another person) and drew my blood.  She said as long as it is within 15 minutes of the time they told me I was fine.  Whew!

Later, I went to Destination Maternity and got a couple of more tops.  As it is getting colder I realized I did not have any long-sleeve maternity tops.  Got a couple of t-shirts (buy one get one 50% off) and a sweater.  Headed to Target to get one more short-sleeved t-shirt and a pretzel.  🙂

Then when I got home the mail was here.  I received my explanation of benefits from my insurance company regarding my flu and whooping-cough immunizations.  They were denied!  Why you ask?  I do not meet the age requirement.  So I promptly called and was told that it was denied because I was over the age of 16.  I said but I am pregnant and they said they are preventative and therefore not covered.

I believe most insurance covers immunizations.  Mine in the past always did.  When I quit my job I went on COBRA.  After COBRA ran out, I needed to get my own policy.  Rather than apply to Blue Cross Blue Shield and have to give them 10 years of history including ALL doctors visits, etc., and including pre-existing conditions and not have maternity coverage right away, the State of Illinois offered a “high-risk” plan.    If you had COBRA all you had to do was apply with a simple application and you got insurance, with maternity coverage and no worry about pre-existing conditions.  My insurance is through Blue Cross Blue Shield and I have pretty good coverage.  But the state legislatures don’t think it is important to immunize people.

But if I were to get the flu or whooping-cough and end up in the hospital to be treated, THAT would be covered!  Really????  How stupid!!!

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25 weeks . . . September 26, 2012

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Well, last night was the 6th night in a row that I have not slept too well.  I usually fall asleep for about 4-5 hours straight before I have to get up to use the bathroom (unless I drink too much before bed – which I am trying to not do).  Then when I go back to bed, I typically toss and turn every 30 min to 1 hour, changing sides because my hips are killing me.  We have a sleep number bed and I have been trying to find the right number and it isn’t easy.  Especially when the bed decides to inflate itself overnight (has to do with the temperature in the room or something like that).  When I wake up with the pain I try to press on some of the pressure points the chiropractor did in his office and let me tell you they hurt!!!!!!  That gives me a little bit of relief, but not for long.

Then this morning at about 7am I turned over and heard something.  I thought it may have been hubby breathing weird next to me, but it wasn’t.  Then I thought it might have been a dog outside and then I realized it was our dog throwing up.  I jumped out of bed, got him out of his crate to let him finish on the floor instead of his bed as it would be easier to clean up.  Poor little guy.  We got him a new bag of these all natural sweet potato fries, which he loves, but this is the 3rd time he has thrown up since we bought them.  I think it must be a bad batch.  The one he threw up this morning he actually ate Monday evening as we knew he did not get one yesterday.  So that bag is going in the trash.  Thankfully he does not seem affected by it at all, other than a momentary upset stomach.  Because after he was finished, he was running around like nothing happened.

Boy this brings back memories of when he was a puppy and we were house training him.  We would hear him bark and I would run down there to take him out, but a lot of the time it was too late.  UGH!  All practice for when we have this little baby of ours.  Thankfully though babies wear diapers.  I suppose they make them for dogs, but that just seems weird to me.  And yes I do realize that diapers may not always “hold everything inside.”  🙂

Anyway, that is what I am dealing with now…lack of sleep!

In other news . . . tomorrow is my 1-hour Glucose test.  I will eat a piece of toast around 8am and head to my appointment for 10:15am.  When I get there I get to drink some sugary drink and wait for an hour.  Then they draw some blood and I am on my way.  Guess I will bring a book or something with me to read.  I am a bit nervous about it.  I just hope I pass!  I do not want to have to do a 3-hour test, which turns out to be 4 hours of waiting time.

Oh and one last thing.  I got the storage bins for the changing table so the crib and changing table are done.  Well, except for the mobile for the crib.  Still trying to decide on which on I want.

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picture day . . . September 24, 2012

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Since not too much has been going on thought I would post a couple if pictures.  I have been pretty draggy the last couple of days.  Not sure if it is the change in the weather or just the pregnancy.  Hoping some energy comes back!

So Friday morning I decided that it was a great day for some homemade chilli and cornbread.  The weather is turning cooler (finally!) and I just knew this would hit the spot.  Hubby had to work Friday evening, so this was the perfect lunch.

Today I ventured out to Carter’s to look at clothes.  Yes I know I have a ton of clothes that were sent to me, but I was still needing that “bring home from the hospital outfit.”  They are having a great sale and I found one that I thought would be perfect.  Regular price $20 on sale for $9.  Since we are having the little guy in the winter and I love snow, this s what I chose:

The only issue I had was trying to determine if I should get Newborn size or 3 months.  I thought surely he won’t be over 8 pounds (hubby and I weren’t) so I took a chance the got the newborn.  I guess as we get closer we will have a better idea of how big he is getting.  I know it is still pretty early to be getting the outfit, but I figured if I waited too long they might be stocking spring/summer clothes and I would miss out.

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classes, tour and clothes, oh my . . . September 20, 2012

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So today I decided to check out the classes that are being offered at the hospital where we will welcome our little one.  They say to take them when you start your 3rd trimester.  And believe it or not that will be in 2 weeks (26 and a half weeks).

So they have a one day Childbirth Education Class (9am-5pm with lunch served), or a 4 week class (6:45pm-9pm).  We thought it would be easier to take the 4-week class.  Easier to digest information and also not having to leave the dog crated all day.  I looked at hubby’s schedule and lo and behold he has all the Thursday evenings in October open and the next class starts on October 4.  Woo hoo!   So exciting and at the same time a little scary to be moving along and having things planned out.

Then I looked at the times they have for the Labor and Delivery tours at the hospital.  That is only for an hour.  So we have that scheduled for the evening of Monday, October 15th.

So the next class to schedule is a breastfeeding class that I will probably sign up for at the closer hospital.

And finally today in the mail I received a package from my sister-in-law.  I knew it was coming.  She has a friend who had a bunch of boy baby clothes and asked me if I wanted them.  Who am I to turn away free baby clothes?  So they arrived today and I laid them out on the bed to see what I had.  Sizes ranged from 0-9 months with a few 12 months thrown in.  They are really nice and I can say this will probably get us through the 1st 9 months for sure.  So I can register for some 12mo and up!  YAY!  (Just for some perspective, we have a king-sized bed.)  🙂

And she also shipped me some of her books, what to expect the first year, a book on breastfeeding, etc.

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24 weeks . . .

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Sorry I didn’t get around to posting yesterday, but we have made it to 24 weeks!

It is a good milestone.  According to my book, Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy:

“Babies born at 24 weeks have a greater than 50-50 chance of survival, and the odds get better with every passing week.  Still, complications are frequent and serious.”

So it is a good milestone, but baby needs to stay in and “bake” some more. 🙂

Things are moving along nicely.  Working on the nursery here and there (got the changing table the other day) and now I will start looking into childbirth classes.  Will probably need to take those in October.

I was also looking at hubby’s schedule for the month of December.  Let’s just say I hope I don’t go into labor in December.  He works every single day except Dec 1, 24, 25 & 26.  Not that he would not do whatever is in his power to be there, but since he is self-employed it would be great if the baby picked an off day!  LOL  I laugh because we cannot plan this, he is going to come when he is good and ready!

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ob appt . . . September 14, 2012

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Had our 23 week ob appointment this morning.  Blood pressure was 100/70.

Since hubby was with me this time I had the doctor go over the ultrasound results again.  Baby was 11 ounces (they like to see 10-12 at 20 weeks).  I was  19 weeks, 2 days so that is right on track.  He was over the 50th percentile, which is good.  His neck fold was 4.6.  They like it to be under 6.  This is measured to look for chromosomal abnormalities.  And everything else measured great!

The doctor also did the fundal height measurement on this visit.  The fundal height is a measure of the size of the uterus used to assess fetal growth and development during pregnancy. It is measured from the top of the mother’s uterus to the top of the mother’s pubic bone in centimeters.  Basically he takes a tape measure and places it on my belly.

My measurement was 24cm.  So that would indicate I was 24 weeks along.  By the calendar I am 23 weeks and 2 days, so the doctor said the growth is right on target.  YAY!

I asked him about the shortness of breath and he said it is most likely due to the shifting of the baby.  So if I get uncomfortable I should try different positions.

I also mentioned that the other day I was listening to our little guy’s heartbeat (I have not done that every day since I started feeling him move).  Well it was reading in the 150s and then it spiked to 200bpm.  It freaked me out and I lifted the doppler off of my belly and placed it back and it was in the 150s again.  Well, he said they like to see a spike.  When I start the NST (fetal non-stress test) they will listen to heart for an extended period of time and they like to see spikes indicating good movement.  So I just happen to hear a spike when I was listening.  I was relieved!!!

I talked to him about my breasts (he was not the doc I saw 2 weeks ago) and he reiterated that a lot of women start producing milk this early and it is a good thing.  It should mean that I should be a good producer after the baby comes.  I hope he is right and I hope baby takes to it.  🙂

The doctor I saw 2 weeks ago told me that along with the flu shot I need to get the Pertussis booster as well.  I am glad I was told because I would not have known this.  So this time I asked if hubby needs to get one and he said anyone coming into contact with the baby a lot needs to get one.  For those who don’t know, Pertussis is Whooping cough.  Today, my doctor told me that a baby contracted it from his mother at birth and died at 5 weeks.  Babies cannot get the vaccine until they are 2 months.  It is heartbreaking.  So we are getting vaccinated this weekend!  And I will be calling Grandma and Grandpa and telling them to get the booster.  We all got the initial vaccine when we were babies but over time it has started to wear off so adults need to get the booster to be covered.  Seems like a no-brainer to me!

We also asked the doctor if there were any pediatricians that he can recommend.  He said absolutely and gave us the doctor’s name.  She is in a different building in the same office park as my OB and he said he took his kids to her.  I was glad to hear that.  So in the next couple of months we will schedule a meeting with her to see if she is right fit for us.  He has other names, but after doing some research online this morning she may be the one we use.

So overall it was a great appointment.  We go back in 4 weeks and then after that I start my every 2 weeks visits.  WOW!

Between now and my next appointment on October 12 I have to go in for a 1 hour glucose test to test for gestational diabetes.  Hopefully this will be the only glucose test I have to take.  Basically I will fast for 2 hours, go in and then have to drink a sugary drink.  They will take blood and if I pass I am done.  If I fail then I have to go in for a 3 hour Glucose test.  I won’t talk about that as I am going to say that I won’t need it! 🙂

Then on October 18th we will get to see our little guy again on the ultrasound.  I am so happy!!!

Thanks for reading!