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irony . . . August 30, 2012

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i·ro·ny  [ahy-ruh-nee] an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected.

It took my body 3 years to get pregnant and apparently it is now being the overachiever.  Yes, apparently my body has started producing breast milk and they are slightly engorged.

No yeast infection here, which I didn’t think I had anyway!  The doctor looked and said nope that is not a yeast infection.  So my breasts seem to be making milk early which is not good.  And with the tenderness in the lower part of the milk I might have a duct clogged.

So he prescribed me a mild antibiotic (Keflex) and said I can apply ice to my breasts a couple of times a day to help with the discomfort and to keep the stimulation of them to a minimum.  If I was actually breastfeeding I would apply heat to help unclog the ducts, but we don’t want that.  We need to get the girls to stop doing what they are doing and realize that I haven’t had the baby yet.  If it isn’t better by the middle of next week I am to come back in and they may need me to see a specialist or something.

I did ask if this would interfere in any way with me breastfeeding after the baby is born and he said absolutely not.  That made me very happy.  I was actually getting worried!

In other news, he did reaffirm that everything looks normal with our little guy.  I had not heard from them since the ultrasound 2 weeks ago, so I was glad to hear it.  And I did ask what he was measuring at the time of the ultrasound.  I was 19 weeks and 1 day and he was measuring 19 weeks and 3 days.  Yay!

So that is the scoop!  Praying the antibiotic helps and my breasts start behaving.

Oh and I also got a prescription for a heartburn medication, Nexium.  I am hoping this does the trick!

Thanks for reading.


3 Responses to “irony . . .”

  1. I know you are going to,think I am crazy..and of course don’t do,it unless dr says but for years and years and years before medicine, the hospitals would carry cabbage leaves and have moms put them on their breast to suppress milk production…I know it sounds insane….I thought it was insane when I heard it but it somehow suppress milk growth …..

    • The doctor actually said the ladies at the hospital said that the cabbage leaves work. I might try that too. I will see how the antibiotics work in the next day or so and the ice and then may buy some cabbage.

  2. happysiera Says:

    wowzers! at least they work, right? lol!
    sorry for the pain … hope it gets better and the girls take a hiatus for a few more months 🙂
    yay for heartburn meds! hope it helps, too!

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