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this is odd . . . August 27, 2012

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So from about the middle of last week until now I have had some redness on the lower part of my breasts.  They also felt warm to the touch.  I did a little Dr. Google and thought maybe my ducts may be blocked.  I decided to wear a different bra and go without one while at home to see if that helped.  I thought it did a little but not really.  So today I called the doctor’s office and the nurse called me back.  The doctor said it might be a yeast infection. Really???  He said to get some vaginal yeast cream and apply it to my breasts for 2 days and if it wasn’t better to go in to see him.

I again looked online because this seemed really strange to me.  From what I read (briefly) they make it sound as if it is a rash and it is itchy, etc.  Mine is not a rash and it does not itch.  It looks like I have a mild sunburn in the area below my nipples.  But I am applying the cream and Wednesday if it is not improved I will call to get in to see the doctor.

This whole things still seems pretty strange to me.  But it is what it is and hopefully this does the trick.  I do think I need to go get a new bra.  I feel like my breasts have grown even more recently.  With about 19 weeks to go I dread thinking of how big they are going to get.  YIKES!  I started off around a 36 C/D and am now wearing a 40D.  What size is next?  I will probably go and get a maternity bra, so I am hoping that is more comfortable.

So that is what is happening on this end.

Oh and I think I may have actually felt the baby from the outside.  He has been active here and there the last couple of days and I placed my hand on my belly and could have sworn I felt it from the outside.  So maybe in the next week or 2 hubby will get to feel some kicks too!  I did have a tough time last week.  Hubby had a concert up in Wisconsin so we drove the 6 hours and I did not feel a lot of movement then.  Probably because the car ride was bumpy and then that night I did not feel much at all either.  So worry wart me thought something was wrong.  Thankfully I felt some movement on Friday when we would stop on the drive back and then listened to our little boy when I got home.  Whew!  Since then I have felt quite a bit of movement and I love it!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Im probably gna need a maternity bra soon as well :/ at least my ladies are looking pretty damn good right now. never been so proud of my chest before 😉

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