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20 weeks . . . August 22, 2012

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So excited that we have reached another milestone!

It’s been a sort of busy/crazy week.  Every since we had our ultrasound last week I feel like I have been floating.  The days pass and I think, what have I accomplished.  I keep thinking of our little boy, now that we know!  And since Monday I have been researching and adding things to our registry.  It is fun, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed with everything out there and feel like I might forget something important.  Or what kind of this do I need or kind of that…because there are so many!  I am grateful that I have the crib and stroller/car seat combo picked out.  My mom is going to get those for us.  So I will be getting those in the next couple of weeks.  At least it will feel like I have something accomplished.  I did my research on Consumer Reports and read reviews and think I made good decisions.  For those interested here is what we are getting:

Babies R Us carries this one but did not have the color we wanted.  And Wal-mart has it for less money!  Score!  We did get to look at it and touch it and I think it will be just right!  I will probably get the matching changing table too.

I like this Travel System because the car seat fits a baby up to 30 pounds and the stroller is up to 50 pounds.  And it fits perfectly together.

I was also able to ask a mom friend of mine about some of the things she could not live without and some of the things she didn’t need.  I was on the fence about a swing and she suggested that I get a bouncy chair instead and that I could borrow the swing she had.  Yay!  That helps a lot, because you never know if your baby would like the swing or not.  So now we can test it out.

So aside from the baby stuff, I have been helping hubby with a big project for his work.  And by the looks of things I will be helping with it for at least another week.  I don’t mind.  It helps me to focus on things other than baby. 🙂

So now it is time to get back to work.

Thanks for reading!


One Response to “20 weeks . . .”

  1. ilovemacaroniart Says:

    Congrats on your halfway milestone.

    Love the crib and the Travel System!

    Maybe you’ve said it before, but are you going to be a stay at home mom? I would love to be able to do that, if we have kids, but I don’t think it will be financially possible.

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