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registry . . . August 20, 2012

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So hubby and I stopped by our RE’s office to say hi to the nurses and to drop of a couple of meds that I had left over.  I was one of the self-pay patients that benefited from donated meds and wanted to give back.  It wasn’t much, but I am sure it will help.

I emailed one of the nurses on Friday and told her I would be in today and unfortunately she had to go to a different office this morning because someone called in sick.  There were actually 3 nurses we worked with and 2 of the 3 were at a different office.  Bummer.  So I will just have to stop back by again.  It was nice being there at the office and not having an actual appointment; just a social call.  I am so grateful for their help and I don’t think I would be here if it were not for them.

Then after that we ran by Babies R Us.  I wanted to set up my registry and get my freebie goodie bag.  Typically I am an online person.  But I wasn’t sure if I would get the goodies if I registered online.  🙂  We took the scanner and scanned a couple of items, but I will do most of the registry from home, that is how I roll.  I like being able to research things and know what I am getting and what I need.  It feels so exciting to have the ball rolling.  Although I haven’t yet to buy anything for our little guy.  I want to buy an outfit but part of me is having trouble getting over the size to get.  Do I get Newborn?  0-3 months?  Why is this so difficult for me?  I know I am being silly.

So that is something that I get to work on and try to decide what to get.  There is so much stuff out there.  I don’t want to go overboard and register for things we won’t need, just because I can.  But believe me this is a problem I don’t mind one bit.

Pregnancy update:  Things are still going well.  I need to learn to eat smaller meals and more often.  Sometimes I get so busy helping hubby with work that I get so hungry and want to eat a big meal and then I am miserable and bloated after.  And the heartburn!  Zantac is still helping, most of the time.  Still having trouble sleeping.  My hips still bother me, but more and more I think my lower back is out.  So I need to get to the chiropractor sometime either this week or next.  And I still need to see the dentist.  I put this off (should have gone weeks ago) because of the morning sickness and the idea of someone putting things in my mouth did not sit well with my stomach.  So now I can go see one, just have to force myself to get it on the calendar.  I seem so lazy some days.

Other than that, things are going well.

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2 Responses to “registry . . .”

  1. Lori Says:

    We have a tradition in our family. The daddy buys the baby’s homecoming outfit. We always bypass anything smaller than 3 months because our kiddos are always born a good size and get so fat so fast! LOL! So if for any reason the baby is really little, you can always grab a few newborn outfits at the last minute . . . They won’t need them for very long!

  2. Im 12 weeks pregnant 🙂 and yes i know Babies R us has so much cute clothes but i definately agree with Lori about getting 3 month clothing.

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