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16 weeks . . . July 25, 2012

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4 months!  Each week that passes seems like a big milestone.

So I really thought the morning sickness was over.  The last time I had any nausea or vomiting was Sunday, July 15.  So I was a little surprised when I felt nauseous yesterday.  Then I was even more surprised this morning.  I got up and felt full.  I had been going to the bathroom, just not as easily the last couple of days.  So I think that is what caused me to feel the way I did this morning.

So I decided to join hubby and watch a little morning news.  I was starting to feel nauseous and had a bowl of cereal.  About 10-15 minutes later the nausea came back . . . BIG TIME!  I dry heaved a couple of times and then hurried to the bathroom.  Yep, all of the cereal came back up!  And then I had the runs!  What a morning!  But I did feel better after that.  No more vomiting the rest of the day, just nausea here and there.  I sure hope I get at least another week and a half with no morning sickness or even more time without.


Well, I think I have finally felt some movement.  I wanted to make sure it was actual movement and not just my imagination.  I have been reading a lot of posts on Baby Center and it seems like a lot of women are feeling the baby at 13 weeks or even soon!  Someone posted that she felt the baby at 10 weeks!!!  And these are first time moms!  From what I have read, if you are a first time mom you won’t feel the baby until 16-22 weeks.  If this is your second baby you may feel the baby as early as 13 weeks.  I understand all women are different and it also has to do with body type, but when I read someone felt the baby at 10 weeks, I was shocked to say the least.

Anyway, so for the last couple of days I have felt little movements here and there.  Most notably was yesterday.  Hubby and I left the house to run an errand and we backed out the driveway and there is a bump (small curb) at the end.  As we went over the bump I had that feeling of a “flip.”  Like when you are on a swing and you swing back to the top and the swing falls a bit before the chains catch you and your stomach does a little flip.  I just knew that was the baby doing a flip.  And then today I was laying on the bed taking a break and I felt tiny little thumps.  It was so incredible and I started to cry.  The feelings are few and far between but I know in time they won’t be.


Every day I am still checking the heartbeat.  Baby likes to play hide and seek with me.  Just when I find the heartbeat I only get about 2 seconds before it moves!  Sometimes I am able to listen for about 30 seconds.  Still going strong!

Tomorrow is another OB appointment.  And then 4 weeks from now we will get to find out what we are having.  I think that will make everything more real.  I will finally be able to start getting things together on the registry and deciding on the decor for the baby’s room.  I am not going to go pink or blue, etc.  I will probably go neutral but some of the neutral things seem more geared toward a boy or a girl.  I can’t wait!

Thanks for reading!


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