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picture day . . . July 21, 2012

So today I had some energy.  Hubby had a wedding up in Green Bay so he left at 10:30am and won’t be back until about 2:30am so I figured, if I felt like it I would make a list and get some things accomplished.  Ran to the supermarket and been working on laundry on and off and here is some of the other stuff I have done.

I tied up my tomato plants, cleaned out some weeds and watered the garden.

Still waiting for flowers to form on the green beans, but I have a lot of green cherry and grape tomatoes and the corn is coming along nicely.

Then I decided to bake some pies.  Some mini apple pies to be exact.  I haven’t baked a pie in quite a while so I was excited to try the mini pie.  My mom had gotten me some small pie pans and I have never used them, so today was the day.  They look good and I am going to try one tonight!

Here is a random picture (since it is picture day 🙂 ).  I remember way back when I was doing my 30-day challenge and when it came to the question of if we had made any baby purchases I had answered no.  Well, I recently came across something and I realized that I had made a purchase about 10 years ago or so even before I met hubby; the Little Golden Books.  I actually had some when I was little and so when I saw these I had to get them.  So now I will have them to read to our little one.  I always liked the Scuffy one the best.

And then I decided to make myself dinner.  Hubby doesn’t like a strong lemon flavor in his food and I sometimes do, so I made Lemon-Dill Chicken since it was just me tonight (I like to cut the chicken into small pieces before I cook it so it cooks faster and you have a good coating of the sauce.).  mmmm . . .  it was good!  Add the sides of green beans and sweet potatoes.

So that was my day.  I cleaned the dishes (that don’t go in the dishwasher), I need to start the dishwasher, I still have one load of laundry to start and then I will take my shower and veg the rest of the evening and wait for hubby to get home.

Hope everyone else had a great Saturday.

Thanks for reading!


2 Responses to “picture day . . .”

  1. storkchaser Says:

    Awesome!!! That meal looks yummy! Sounds like a really great day. I love me-days too! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great day! I went to the store today to buy stuff to makea pie and left the store with an already made one!

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