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14 weeks . . . July 11, 2012

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So all of my daily emails I get from various baby sites tell me I am officially in the 2nd trimester!  Woo Hoo!!!  Thrilled everyday that I have made it another day!  Not trying to be morbid or anything, but when you are on such a long journey and have had a miscarriage each day is a blessing.  At least that is how I feel about it.

The morning sickness is still around, but I haven’t thrown up since last Thursday.  I still get nausea here and there, but most of it has to do with me not eating when I should.  Sometimes I get busy and then I start to get those drive heaves and I realize, ok, I need to eat a little something or a chew a piece of gum and that seems to help.  Hoping that in the next week I won’t have any more of that.

Still having trouble getting a good night’s sleep.  I still get up a few times to pee, but more of it has to do with the pain in my hips.  I have always been a side sleeper.  I usually sleep with a pillow in front of me to help me avoid rolling onto my belly because I would always have lower back pain.  So now with all that is going on in my body, my hips have actually gotten very painful and wake me up!  And when I wake up I think my mind is saying, well, you might as well go pee.

Yesterday I decided to order one of those pregnancy pillows to try.  I really want to alleviate some of the hip pain and I think if I can roll slightly on my back without laying flat, it will help my hips and also not cause any issues for the baby.  Some things I have read say that you should not be on your back for long periods of time because it can put pressure on major blood vessels and cut off supplies to you and the baby.  I think this is mostly in the later months, but I have also read not to do it after 12 weeks or so.  Why do something now and have to break that habit later?

So I am hoping this pillow helps.  Here it is in case anyone is interested:

It should arrive tomorrow.  I will let you know how it works after I get a few sleeps on it.  There is another one I thought of trying, but most of the reviews mentioned the seam at the top where your shoulder would go, so I opted for this one that was just a tad more.

Other than that things are moving along.  I started looking at cribs online.  I have a subscription to consumer reports and read about everything to look for in a good crib.  Then I did some looking online at Babies R Us, Amazon and Wal-Mart.  I might have found one that I like, that also has a changing table that matches it.  Hubby has a few days off next week, so we might go and look.  Probably not going to buy one just yet, but I am a planner and like to start getting things situated.  I also printed out the “must-have registry checklist” from Babies R Us to get an idea of things we will need.  I was able to narrow the list quite a bit as I don’t want to get a bunch of unnecessary things that look great, but will never use.  We have a dresser, a night stand and a futon in the spare bedroom/baby’s room so as far as furniture I think all we will need is the crib and changing table.  So it will be nice to look at stuff.  Usually Amazon is my go-to online place for bargains, but Wal-Mart actually had a lower price on the same crib and Babies R Us was even more.  You really have to shop around.

Thanks for reading.


2 Responses to “14 weeks . . .”

  1. Katie Says:

    Yea to the 2nd Tri!! Celebrating for you!

    I’m not doing a changing table at all. All of the forums I’ve read – no one ever uses them. They end up using the bed, the floor, the couch… etc!

    I really want to try out a new body pillow. Mine is flat and not doing it’s job anymore, so yes, please let me know what you think of that beast.

    • I thought about the changing table too, but some of the reviews I read said people were tired of sore backs from using other things. My upper back gets sore ( I tend to hunch over sometimes like a dork). So at $69 I figured I could always use it later on as another piece of furniture or by my sewing machine for storage. 🙂

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