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1st official OB appointment and announcement . . . June 28, 2012

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So our appointment went well.  Doctor did a little exam (no need for a pap as I had one in February), dipped the urine sample, and we listened to the heartbeat.  I also had to go for blood work after the appointment.

Urine came back good.  They test it for protein (which could indicate a problem with the blood pressure, etc) and sugar (which could indicate an issue with gestational diabetes), both were great!  And my blood pressure was 110/74.  That is really great for me!  I typically have the “white coat syndrome” at the doctors and my blood pressure is always a bit high because of nerves.  So I was happy!

I asked the doctor a few questions.  I have read that you should not wear under wire bras.  The reason is because people say that it can block the milk ducts or potentially cause issues as they develop.  Doctor said it was perfectly ok to wear them.  He said the ducts are all over so there should be no issue.  He also suggested not to wear a sports bra if I was planning on breastfeeding (which I am) because that actually puts pressure all over and that for women who after birth decide not to breast feed they actually tell them to wear the sports bra to help reduce the milk production.  So yay!  Because the bra I have now with no under wire is not supporting me the way I need.

Then came the time where we were preparing to hear the heartbeat.  He asked if we had heard it before.  I reminded him that we did at the REs office.  I also told him that I had purchased a fetal doppler.  I half expected him to scold me or tell me that he advised against it, but was pleasantly surprised when he was great with it.  He asked if I was able to find the heartbeat and I told him yes.  And that actually the last few times I found it right away.  He said he was VERY impressed.  He said sometimes in the office they can’t even find it and it could take 10 minutes.  So I was happy.  He even said we could use it every day if we wanted!

So he found the heartbeat quickly and it was going strong at 164bpm.  Overall it was a great appointment and we will go back in a month for another checkup.


So after the appointment we got home and I went to work constructing an email  and also a Facebook post to finally let everyone else know the news.  In the email I let people know that we got pregnant through IVF.  I had decided that I wanted to let people know.  I like the idea of spreading the world about infertility and that it is in fact a disease and nothing to be ashamed of.  It felt really good to get that out there.  I haven’t talked about the IVF yet on FB.  But I will probably do so in the near future.  I did more of a cute post there.  I posted the picture I used on here a few weeks back of the sheet music.  I think it was a cute way to tell people.

I just can’t tell you how great it feels to have it out there and not to have to hide it anymore.  Such a load off and now it feels “real”.  Like I can openly be excited about it and let my bloated belly hang out instead of sucking it in.  🙂


Still dealing with morning sickness.  Yesterday was actually a pretty bad day for me.  I threw up a couple of times and just felt sick the entire day and I even took the medication.  Today has been better.  Although I am starting to get that feeling again this evening.  Praying that it only last another week or so!

Thanks for reading!


2 Responses to “1st official OB appointment and announcement . . .”

  1. Aiza Says:

    Yay for 12 weeks! And congrats on the announcement! So happy for you guys. Not sure if I agree that IVF is a disease though 😛 But yes, it’s nothing to be ashamed of

  2. storkchaser Says:

    I’m so happy things are going so well for you, minus the MS, and that you feel good about coming out on FB! It must be a relief. 🙂 Also, I plan on getting a doppler whenever I get pregnant again now that it was approved by your doc. 😉

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