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ob consultation . . . June 15, 2012

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The appointment we had yesterday was informative and a little overwhelming.

I knew this wasn’t going to be an exam, it was strictly going to be talking with the doctor to discuss going to a high-risk specialist.

The first part of the appointment was discussing the NT scan and whether or not to have one.  I really thought I was prepared to go through this and deal with whatever outcome we got.  I did want the doctor’s opinion.  He is the expert as far as I am concerned and his opinion was important.

He asked us one question to determine how to respond.  “Would we consider terminating the pregnancy if the results came back as positive for some chromosomal issue?”  Our answer was no.  We have no intention of terminating this pregnancy at all.  Religion aside, we have come so far to get to this point and went through so much, that would never be an option.

So he said since that was the case, he would recommend that we NOT do the testing.  This was his reasoning:

We have already gone through so much with all of the fertility procedures.  If we were to have this scan and it were to come back say a 1 in 40 chance for something wrong, the next step would be an amniocentesis.  The amnio is an invasive procedure ( a needle is placed in the abdomen and used to draw out some of the amniotic fluid around the baby to test).  There is a miscarriage risk of 1 in 200.  Some might not think this is too bad, but when you have gone through so many treatments just to get pregnant, you certainly don’t want to do anything that might cause a miscarriage.  The doctor also mentioned that he just had 2 women suffer a miscarriage with this procedure and one of the fetuses tested normal.  How heartbreaking.

So there is that.  Then also, if you do get a positive for a potential problem, you might worry the entire pregnancy about this result.  Thus causing you to have stress which is not good for you or the baby.  A friend mentioned that she had 2 friends who went through this and tested positive and worried the rest of the pregnancy and their babies were born completely normal.  Who needs that stress?

I went in to the appointment telling myself that if I did have the test and came back positive, that there is still a chance the baby would be ok, but that it would be good to at least know what to expect when the baby was born.  I thought I would be able to handle this.  At this point, who knows how I would have handled it?  More likely than not, I probably would have been a basket case the rest of the pregnancy.

He also explained that I will have an ultrasound at 20 weeks.  At this ultrasound they would be able to look at a couple of things that they would look at during the NT scan.  The neck fold and the heart.  So we would get an idea of things at that appointment.

So hubby and I decided not to have the NT scan done.  I feel good about it.  I would have loved the opportunity to get another peek at the baby on the ultrasound, but it isn’t worth the potential stress that could ensue after.  So our next ultrasound will be at 20 weeks or the last week of August!   I will have my first official prenatal appointment on June 28 at 12 weeks.  We won’t get to see the baby but we will get to hear the heartbeat and that is better than nothing. 🙂  We will see the OB every 4 weeks until we are weekly.

So some other things talked about during the appointment:

1.  Apparently babies who were conceived through IVF are at higher risk for being still-born.  The doctor said that they don’t know why but the statistics show this.  So I will most likely be seeing the doctor weekly starting at 30 weeks or even 28 weeks.  And I believe he said they hook me up to fetal monitors twice a week during this time to make sure the baby is ok and to monitor the amniotic fluid.  I am glad they are extra cautious about this, but jeesh I wasn’t aware that this would be something I would have to worry about.  Trying not to stress over it, but certainly did not expect to hear that.  He did say that even though there is a risk of this, once the baby comes out, he/she is fine.

2.  My OB currently is affiliated with 2 hospitals.  One is closer to us than the other.  The one that is closer (17 min, 9 miles) is also the one I went to when I had the emergency a few weeks back.  I learned that the one that is farther away (35 minutes, 15 miles) is actually better equipped to handle the higher-risk complications should the need arise.  Leaving the appointment yesterday I thought we would decide as we got closer to the end of the pregnancy, once we had a better idea of how the pregnancy and baby were progressing.  Well, I looked at the other hospital online this morning and I think that may just be the one for us.

“Should complex needs arise during delivery, our status as a Level III perinatal center (the highest designation possible) provides access to experts in the fields of perinatology (specialists in maternal fetal medicine) and neonatology (specialists in newborn care). You won’t find expertise like this at many other hospitals. In fact, many hospitals across Chicagoland and as far away as northwest Indiana and southern Wisconsin transport infants to our neonatal intensive care unit. “

After reading this, I felt a sense of relief about it, knowing that we would be in good hands.

I asked some other general questions, covering c-section, episiotomy, going into labor early/late, etc.  It was a very informative appointment and I am glad I had prepared some questions for the doctor.  I am sure as I progress I will have more.

When I moved up here to Chicago, I had no doctors and didn’t know very many people.  I was lucky that I had asked the wife of hubby’s friend about OB-GYNs and her co-workers who lived in our area had recommend this one.  We met with him once or twice and he got us started on our TTC journey with Clomid.  Then he referred us to the infertility specialist.  So it had been a few years since we have talked with or seen him.  After our appointment I felt another sense of relief that we had the right doctor and that he was the kind that I would think anyone would want.  He takes time with us (even if that means he does not run on time – I would rather not feel rushed), he gives it to us straight, no double talk, and he genuinely listens to our concerns without “blowing them off.”  I even asked who to talk to in the office if I were to have silly pregnancy questions and the first thing he said was “there are no silly questions.”  I really liked that and am happy to have found him.  Oh and a bonus…his office is less than 3 miles from home! 🙂

Thanks for reading.


6 Responses to “ob consultation . . .”

  1. That is a bonus! Sounds like you found a good one!!

  2. ilovemacaroniart Says:

    I’m glad that you found a doctor you like. A friend of mine is preggers with her first baby, and they found out that he has HLHS, which is very scary, and their fetal specialist guy is awful, all he talks about are the negatives…I know drs are there to be real, but they don’t have to be real negative.

    Glad to hear things are going well 😀

  3. Princess Says:

    Great to hear and it sounds like you’ll be in excellent care! 🙂

  4. Maria Says:


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  5. storkchaser Says:

    So glad for you! Thanks for the info and I’m glad your doctor helped you with the decision to not have the NT scan. I don’t think I would either. And the Level 3 NICU will be such a comfort. 🙂

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