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best hubby . . . June 9, 2012

I have the best hubby!  I got these today . . .

Gerbera Daisies are my favorite!  Oh I can’t wait to see him tomorrow!


On a different note . . . I had true morning sickness this morning.  I got up and felt fine, went about doing a few things and about an hour after I had gotten up, I was sitting at my desk reading emails and then it hit.  All of a sudden I had to run to the bathroom.  Yep, I threw up.  I had been pretty good about eating a few crackers each morning.  But I actually felt fine this morning so I thought I would just wait a bit and then eat some breakfast.  Big mistake.  I can’t get over how fast it hit.  But I learned my lesson!


Went on to Kohl’ and ordered 2 more pair of pants.  And for those not familiar with the website, check out  You put in the website of the place you are shopping and it gives you coupon codes.  So I saved 30% and also got a free shipping coupon code!  Woo hoo!  I should be set for a while now!

Happy Saturday everyone!

Thanks for reading!


One Response to “best hubby . . .”

  1. shabuj Says:

    You should take good breakfast which has higher caloric and then go to for study. Without energy, you can do nothing. So, try to eat egg, milk, honey etc. You will get discount price at

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